20 Goals for Business Social Media Use

Think About Your Goals Before You Delve Into the Social Networks

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I probably don’t have to tell you that many businesses are still struggling with the concept of using social media. Many simply can’t find a good reason to use it at all, and many more find themselves using it but struggling to validate that use. They can’t find the ROI. They feel that too much time is being wasted. Basically, they’re just using social networks because they feel like they’re supposed to. They just want to keep up.

Many businesses are even banning social media from the workplace entirely. In fact, a great deal of our readers have expressed that they feel that social media doesn’t belong in the workplace because employees are there to "work," not "goof off."

Well, that may be the case, and perhaps social media doesn’t fit into your business at all, but considering your general business goals can help you decide whether or not there is a place for social media, and whether or not your employees can fit into that puzzle.

As social media enthusiast Chris Brogan told WebProNews in a recent interview, it’s time to get over the touristy part of social media and start getting down to business.

He says it’s not "Gee whiz, it’s cool" anymore. It’s "What are we gonna do with it?"

"Great you can type. Now what?" he says.

Here are some sample goals a business owner or manager might set for social media use. Once the goal is considered, then you can look at the tools that are out there and evaluate which ones will give you the best shot of achieving those goals.

20 Possible Goals

1. I’m a content provider, and I want to expand my reach.

2. I want my customers to be able to stay updated with news about my company.

3. I want to get to know my customers.

4. I want to promote my product.

5. I want to stay abreast of current news and trends.

6. I want to share my ideas with likeminded individuals.

7. I want to increase brand awareness.

8. I want to provide customer service and support easily.

9. I want to find a job.

10. I want to recruit.

11. I want people to like my brand.

12. I want to collaborate on business projects.

13. I want to directly sell a product.

14. I want to earn respect within my industry.

15. I am getting information overload, and I want to get organized.

16. I want to drive traffic to my site.

17. I want to attract advertisers and make money.

18. I want to get more involved with local prospects.

19. I want to get more involved with people on an international and global level.

20. I want to keep up with my competitors.

There are certainly more possible goals for business social media use out there. I’ve probably not even scratched the surface. What goals do you set for your social media efforts? Discuss here.

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20 Goals for Business Social Media Use
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  • http://blogtopshare.blogspot.com TOPNews

    great list & usefull…

    thank u

  • http://www.vendingmachinebusinesses.net/ Anne Collins

    Great stuff.. thanks

  • http://www.bikeservant.com mtb

    I learned something new about social media.

  • http://www.theimmediagroup.co.uk Andrew | Web Design Belfast

    I think the reason most businesses don’t know what to do with social media is because they can’t see the ROI. SEO / SEM yields almost instantaneous, or at least measurable results, but social media is something you have to work at and build on constantly, and it’s results are largely intangible. When fighting over the last dollar of investment, small / medium sized businesses don’t do intangibles.

    • http://consignmentpal.com Consignment Pal Resale Directory

      “I think the reason most businesses don’t know what to do with social media is because they can’t… measure [the] results,”

      I’m told HootSuite, a professional Twitter client, offers ways to measure results. Anybody use them or recommend another client?


  • Guest

    I have become overwhelmed with social networking sites. And I do receive hits from these sites and get exposure but, being female, I end up posting pics of myself to personalize the page and NOT look like a spammer. Then I end up getting bombarded with dating, and other non business offers. I really go back and forth with how much time I end up spending deflecting dates, versus trying somthing else to promote my sites.


  • http://www.advancecom.co.uk Guest

    Great article

    I can see at least 15 out of 20 points to benefit me, where can I find a list of social media sites?

  • http://skincareproducteurope.com Tomas

    4. I want to promote my product.

    13. I want to directly sell a product.

    16. I want to drive traffic to my site.

    This about me… great story.

  • http://Twitter.com/SusanGrisanti Susan Grisanti Guitarist

    The problem is Social Media on the Web has
    literally endless applications~
    if you’re a business you can start by
    using social media like bait on a fish hook~
    for example in my own field:
    ‘Check out the Concert I videoed today’
    with a LINK to YouTube’ or something like that~
    The point isn’t always so much about What you
    post is that you consistenly post Something
    relevant to what you’re working on, people WILL
    The only limit is your own creativity of coming up
    with short ideas as in the case of Twitter that will
    get people’s attention.

  • http://www.h1n1virusfacts.com h1n1virusfacts.com

    We have tried several “social sites” and it has not panned out.

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdesign.com Siskiyou Web Design

    For sole proprietors like myself, becoming an authority figure in the Internet world at large is the goal. Grouping things together like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can drive traffic to your Websites and provide an area where you can gain knowledge or provide tips regarding your areas of expertise.

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  • http://masedi.net .exe.

    nice list of what social media is for, so far i am using social media to promote my sites and drive more traffic to it, sometimes it’s really helpfully

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    I would suggest business managers consider hiring somebody part-time to work with the manager and handle this specific function only, if they are overly concerned with their own staff. Building and maintaining business awareness should be part of any marketing and promotional strategy.

  • Muthu

    Its great. but

    I need more info to promote my product.


  • http://webnethosting.net http://webnethosting.net

    Great list of goals … this really helps me focus on how time and energy should spent in regards to social media marketing.

    I think social media, specifically facebook, should be an active part of a company’s marketing strategy. Since so many people spend a significant amount of time on facebook in particular, they can be easily reached and having profiles and links coming from such a high authority site can only help your business with SEO. Although it can be difficult to figure out exactly HOW to utilize social media to your best interest, it is becoming vital. This is where people hang out and spend tons of their free time so in order to be effective as a business, you need to be where the people are and in their face. I don’t see how using social media as a marketing tool can hurt a business if played properly so why NOT take advantage of it?

    Check out what we are doing with our facebook fan page in regards to web hosting and the e-commerce industries: http://tinyurl.com/webnethostingfacebook

    Also use of the fan box is great … see how we have incorporated it into our blog: http://blog.webnethosting.net …

    Thanks for the great article!

  • http://www.smallbusinessvideoadvertising.com Cadoutsource

    I am using social media to brand my company. By using the big Three site like Twitter , Facebook, & Youtube I am able to distribute video content about my company to like minded people. Also answering questions to people who could be your potential customer or your existing customers can be a valuable tool in creating trust & branding your company over your competitors.

  • http://www.sleepsogood.com insomnia

    Great article, very helpful! Continue sharing your brilliant ideas! :)

  • seoonline

    nice article…..

  • http://www.baptismgiftsnow.com Charrosh

    Thanks for the social media article and goals list! I found it to be very informative and will be my new guide moving forward! Thanks again!

  • http://www.newhorizons123.com Julie Weishaar

    Great list. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and for sharing.

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