Victoria Beckham's New Fall 2015 Line On Passed Out Models

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Victoria Beckham's new fall 2015 line, called Victoria, Victoria Beckham, is amazing, as usual.

Victoria Beckham always impresses with her clothing collections, and she never disappoints.

However, some might question Victoria Beckham's choices for her ad campaign for Victoria, Victoria Beckham.

In the odd photo spread, Victoria Beckham's clothing designs are spot-on.

The models, though, seem a little less enthused than they should be.

In fact, some of them don't seem alive. Or maybe there was a call for narcoleptic models for Victoria Beckham's new line? Maybe they asked for models with demon possession experience.

Whatever the case, this was not your run-of-the-mill fashion campaign for Victoria, Victoria Beckham.

The reasoning behind the unusual campaign is hard to wrap the head around.

It would seem creators wanted to show women who can afford Victoria, Victoria Beckham how amazing they will look when they've had way too much to drink at this year's office Christmas party.

“This is statement dressing made easy,” the press release for the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection reads. “Attitude is applied, stripped down and made sophisticated creating a wearable collection that continues to evolve with its customer.”

Ok. I guess.

If by evolve, they mean the evolution of one's physical state through a night of heavy partying, then I guess I could see it.

What do you think about Victoria Beckham's new fall collection and her unusual ad campaign?

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