Twitter Gives Developers New 'Playbook'

Twitter announced the launch of a new "playbook" for app developers with the first installment being published so far.

The playbook includes what Twitter describes as a series of how-to guides that walk developers through the process of building an app.

A spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews, "We know firsthand that it’s hard to build successful iOS and Android apps. We’ve built quite a few and we’ve learned a lot about how our partners build apps and tackle problems. At this year’s Flight conference, we showed off the power of some of the new features from Fabric with two apps that we created and open-sourced on GitHub: Cannonball, a magnetic poetry game, and Furni, a mobile-first furniture store."

"Based on our experience building Cannonball and Furni, we’ve organized what we've learned into a playbook," the spokesperson adds. "Part one published today covers prototyping, design and stability, and a new guide will be published roughly every week."

You can check out the first entry of the series here.

You can find a schedule of upcoming Twitter developer events here.

Image via Twitter