Maui Shark Attack Kills Fisherman

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A shark attack in Maui has killed a fisherman. The man was Patrick Briney, 57, of Stevenson, Washington, who was fishing from a kayak. Briney was using artificial bait to attract fish to his boat and dangling his foot in the water. According to a friend who was fishing in a separate kayak near Briney, the shark bit Briney on the foot.

Briney's friend tried to help by making a tourniquet for his foot and catching the attention of a nearby charter boat. The passengers on the boat also attempted to help Briney by bringing him onto the boat and taking him to land as fast as possible.

In spite of everyone's best efforts, Briney died from the attack. The state has advised everyone to stay out of the water and are not sure at this point, what type of shark attacked Briney.

Maui is a popular water sport destination and many people fish, swim, dive and snorkel in the area. This year alone, Maui has been the site of eight shark attacks. Another recent attack that occurred on Friday, left a woman injured but alive.

"We are not sure why these bites are occurring more frequently than normal, especially around Maui," said department Chairman William Aila Jr. "That's why we are conducting a two-year study of shark behavior around Maui that may give us better insights."

Officials are still trying to determine what type of sharks are involved in the attacks and have encouraged everyone to be alert while in the waters around Maui or avoid being in the water at all.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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