March Madness 2014: The Games Start On Thursday, Are Your Brackets Ready?


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The madness will soon be upon us, as all of the top teams, and their fans, prepare for the big NCAA tournament that will ignite March Madness 2014. It has been a wild year that has seen several top teams go up and down, and no team has much of an edge heading into the tournament.

The seeds and first-round match-ups have been selected, and as people hurry up to finish up their brackets, they continue to debate about the right picks. Of course, it is impossible to tell who will win, and some people might even pick them at random.

A perfect bracket has never been done before, but fans continue to do them every year in the hopes that they could be the first. This year, Warren Buffet is even offering $1 billion to anyone who is finally able to complete the near-impossible task.

Some people could make rough drafts, and continue to edit them starting on Sunday night, and others may wait until the last minute. However, everyone must remember that in order for a bracket to be counted, they must be submitted before the tip-off of the first game on Thursday, March 20th.

President Obama took time out of his busy presidential schedule to fill out a bracket as he has done every year, and while his Final Four was unveiled initially, every pick that he made was revealed to viewers on a special edition of Sportscenter this morning.

If someone wants to copy Obama's picks, then go with Louisville, Michigan State, Florida, and Arizona. He correctly picked Lousiville in the championship last year, and has them going again this year, but feels that Michigan State has the power to overcome the defending champions.

The four No.1 seeds this year are Florida, who obtained the No.1 overall seed after going undefeated in the SEC, Wichita State, who is undefeated on the season, Arizona, and Virginia. Any of them has the ability to go to the Final Four, but then again, many others do as well.

Two teams from Obama's Final Four are No.4 seeds, Louisiville and MIchigan State, and both teams have a great chance of making the championship. There are several teams that have peaked at different points during the season, and if recent years have taught fans anything, it would be that any team is capable of making a deep run in the NCAA tournament.

Michigan State may not be a No.1 seed, but they have plenty of experience playing in the tournament, and were picked to win by all five ESPN analysts, which includes Digger Phelps, Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams and Dick Vitale.

March Madness 2014 will be underway on Thursday, and while plenty of people seem to be picking Michigan State to win it all, there are always surprises in the tournament. The Spartans did just win the Big Ten tournament, and when healthy, they are certainly one of the teams to beat.

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