Jodi Arias Verdict 2015: Judge Declares Mistrial

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The Jodi Arias verdict for 2015 is the same as the last time around. Within the past hour, the judge declared a mistrial, meaning Jodi Arias won't be sentenced to death.

According to a report from ABC News, the jury couldn't reach the unanimous decision needed to either sentence Jodi Arias to life behind bars or to the death penalty, thus forcing the judge's hand.

Now Judge Sherry Stephens must determine whether or not Jodi Arias--who was convicted back in 2013 for the 2008 murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander--will spend the rest of her life in prison, or have the possibility of parole following a 25-year sentence.

The Jodi Arias verdict 2015 is no doubt heart wrenching for the family of Travis Alexander. Some of those family members were heard sobbing in the courtroom on Thursday when the judge declared the mistrial. Jodi Arias, however, appeared 'stoic,' and expressed no emotion at all.

During the 2013 verdict, it was no problem for the jury to determine that Arias was guilty of murdering Travis Alexander--stabbing him multiple times, shooting him, and slitting his throat almost to the point of decapitation--while he was in the shower. It was whether or not to sentence her to death that stumped them.

The Jodi Arias verdict 2015 might not surprise those who didn't watch the initial trial. It gained national attention for being live-streamed, during which time Arias described in great detail the sexual she reportedly experienced with Travis Alexander.

The Jodi Arias verdict 2015 was read by Judge Sherry Stephens, as per a note she received from the jury, as follows.

"In my assessment, we are hung, and additional time will not change this."

It is uncertain when Judge Stephens will hand down her sentence to Jodi Arias.

Are you surprised that the Jodi Arias verdict for 2015 mirrors the same one from 2013?

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