E3 2012: Microsoft And Sony Collectively Ended 218 Virtual Lives


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It's a given now that video games are violent. But hey, real life is also violent. Art imitates life and all that. It's just that video games tend to imitate the less savory parts of life. It's ok though because nobody was really killed as it's all just harmless virtual fun. Of course, the people that are being mercilessly killed in video games might disagree - all 218 of them.

The Gameological Society has collected the number of deaths seen across both Microsoft's and Sony's press conferences this past week. Why is Nintendo not on the list? Besides a few zombies in the ZombiU trailer, virtual denizens were safe.

The Microsoft and Sony press conferences featured death and murder to an insane degree, however, as the likes of Sam Fisher, Connor and Joel from The Last of Us put down any resistance they faced with extreme prejudice.

While many think Microsoft's press conference was pretty awful, they did kill more people than Sony. I'm pretty sure that Microsoft cheated a little since they spent a large amount on time of murder simulators like Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Sony wasn't too far behind, however, as Connor from Assassin's Creed III sunk ships full of men and the men of Far Cry 3 took it upon themselves to rid a small tropical island of terrorists.

Check out Microsoft's Murder Report below:

Here's Sony's Murder Report:

As we all know, quality is better than quantity. It remains to be seen who had the better murders. Should we even be talking about how to better our murder skills in video games? I don't know, but Assassin's Creed III sure looks great, doesn't it?