Christine McVie Returns To Fleetwood Mac

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Christine McVie made a welcomed return to Fleetwood Mac recently after a 16-year hiatus.

The quiet member of the band, Christine McVie was still an essential piece to the band's wholeness and that familiar sound that generations know and love.

McVie joined the band for one song in September of last year to do a bit of a test during Fleetwood Mac's O2 Arena gigs in London. After thinking about it for four more months she called the band, which was at that point composed of all of the members except her, and asked if they would mind her joining up with them again.

Fleetwood Mac had always told Christine McVie that her keyboard and smooth, subtle voice would always be welcome and they made good on that promise.

The years of Fleetwood Mac between their heyday and the present have been racked with drug abuse, alcohol, self-destructive behavior, and each member leaving and coming back periodically.

Chrisitine McVie, however, seemed to be the most stable of the band members.

Not that she avoided those things altogether.

She remembers, “staying up for three days with the white powder, liberally washed down by Dom Pérignon.”

As her marriage to bandmember McVie crumbled, coincidentally at the same time as Stevie Nicks' relationship with Lindsey Buckingham was falling apart, things just got worse.

“We weren’t just singing to each other but screaming, and everything was enlarged by the intake of illegal substances,” Christine McVie said back in 1997.

“I used to go onstage and drink a bottle of Dom Pérignon, and drink one offstage afterwards. It’s not the kind of party I’d like to go to now.”

But now, the band has come full circle with Christine McVie back at the keyboard, and reviews couldn't be any better.

At Friday's performance at TD Gardens, Stevie Nicks summarized the feelings of Fleetwood Mac fans everywhere when she turned to Christine McVie and said, "Welcome back, Chris. Where have you been?"

What do you think about Fleetwood Mac's reunion?

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