Why eBay Keeps Getting Shoppers

It Begins with a B.

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You can hardly talk about eBay without bringing out the disgust in all of the people who feel they have been wronged by the eCommerce giant. This group is comprised mostly of sellers who feel eBay has treated them with anything but respect, particularly since changing feedback policies in early 2008 (of course that’s not the only thing they don’t like. See my top ten list of seller frustrations).

Although buyers have had their own fair share of complaints about eBay as well, it still continues to be one of the leading places that online shoppers go to purchase goods, although retail comparison site JiffyPrice recently showed that Amazon has lower prices on many items that are available for immediate purchase.

eBay vs Amazon prices

"This goes to show how much savvy consumers can save by a very quick bit of shopping around," says JiffyPrice Founder Niall Thewlis. "However, most consumers don’t have the time to compare prices with umpteen different online retailers before making a purchase. We’ve simplified matters greatly, so that shoppers can quickly compare the price of an item between only Amazon and eBay, the two giants of online retail, in just a couple of seconds. We include only these retailers because they’re the ones that most people have used in the past and feel comfortable buying from."

Well that is one possible answer to the question. People feel comfortable buying from eBay (not everyone granted). Why do they feel comfortable? Because of the brand that eBay has established over the years.

Frustrated eBay sellers continue to flock to other sites to sell their goods, but none of them (Amazon excluded perhaps) carry the brand power that eBay does, and therefore can’t possibly attract the number of customers that it can.

While not all eBay sellers are unhappy with the site, it seems that the core of them are. It is interesting to see a site that is driven by users continue to thrive despite the boycotting of many of those users who have helped it thrive in the first place. That is brand power.

There are plenty other sites out there that could compete with eBay, based on the testimonials from users who urge fellow ex-eBayers to use them. Yet we don’t really see any of them emerging as a real threat to eBay. eBay is to online auctions what Google is to search. Whenever someone cleans out their closet, they’re encouraged to sell their stuff on eBay by their friends or family. I haven’t often heard “eBay” used as a verb like with “Google,” but it might as well be one. “I have Sinbad’s autograph. I wonder how much I could get for that on eBay.”  Statements like that are commonplace (minus the Sinbad part).

Because people think about eBay as a place to sell stuff from their own closet, they also think there is a good chance to get some cool stuff that came out of somebody else’s. And they’re often right. This cool stuff could just as easily be listed on another site as well, but eBay is the first name that comes to mind. If any other competing site wants to truly leave a dent in eBay’s market share, it’s going to have to so some really effective marketing.

Why eBay Keeps Getting Shoppers
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  • cgleason

    the reason i left ebay is there crazy rules and even more crazy fee. the last month i was on ebay i paid the 5000.00 for listing fee and seller fees so i started my own website. under 20.00 a month alot better then 5000.00 and was able to lower the price on my jerseys and even expand my business. i would advise everyone on ebay to do the same.

    • Chris Crum

      I’ve heard the fee complaint quite a few times.

  • http://www.pheebay.com PVH

    I have moved my inventory from eBay to MilBid.com and other alternatives to eBay. Selling requires more work but it is well worth the effort.

    • Chris Crum

      Now if people regularly start telling each other to sell their old baseball cards on MilBid…

      • http://www.e-DUDS.com e-DUDS

        Or tell each other to flock to e-DUDS.com :)

    • Markus

      It’s simply a matter of someone else coming up with “a better mousetrap” that will blow away eBay – or at least gain all the small businesses and “home sellers” (those that are selling their attic/garage junk once in a while).

      Google came out after other search engines were on the market, including Yahoo! Everyone used to go to Yahoo!, or AOL’s Web Crawler or Alta Vista to look around – now when someone wants to find something online, they use the term, “google it”.

      When someone comes up with that better mousetrap, people will be saying to others, “hey, put that old chair of your grandmother’s on [insert new revolutionary auction site here]” instead of telling them to put it on eBay.

  • http://e-bookreaders.blogspot.com Kindle Fan

    Buyers continue going to Ebay ’cause it is still the leading brand in the sector, but as the sellers dry up the buyers will dry up too. Ebay is becoming a joke and when one of the other auction sites establishes itself as a viable and well-known alternative Ebay will be finished.

    • Chris Crum

      The key word being “when”. Perhaps all of the former ebayers flocking to different sites is preventing one from standing out.

      • http://gurlzgoneglam.blogspot.com Raia

        Hi Chris,
        I think what most people/sellers have realized if that we, as sellers, never want to give all of that power to just one venue ever again, like we did w/eBay… we can’t afford to have our businesses and lives disrupted in the eBay way, ever again. Thus choosing a minimum of two venues is an important strategy for all of our futures.

        Have a nice day!

  • http://www.morrisonsoftdesign.com/with_fl/index-5.html John

    I rarely even go to eBay anymore. It has always been great as a buyer because there is alot of competition in one place. But then it just got to be a hassle to place bids, lose bids, etc. Now I do some quick price comparisons and usually buy elsewhere.

  • mommyto3

    I was a new, smaller, cleaning out the closets type of seller on eBay and when they made all the changes in the spring of last year it drove me away almost as soon as I started. The changes they created really make it difficult for the folks that they advertise for to really make any money there anymore. So eventually the people that want to find others neat junk will have to look for it other places than eBay as it seems to be turning into more mass produced items than the unique on of a kind items.
    I myself have moved all of yard sale and collectible stuff to MilBid.com and have found a very responsive admin and lots of unique items.

  • Ruth

    The only reason eBay is still surviving is simple. Some buyers still like eBay because there are no more bidding wars for items and sellers have low “buy it now” prices due to fewer buyers. Check out a typical page on eBay and you will see most items have either one bid or none at all. And a quick check of completed auctions will reveal that 60% of items go unsold. The other 40% are sold at below retail or current value prices, so that’s why buyers are still hovering over eBay like vultures. Once enough sellers give up and realize they can’t possibly make any money on eBay, that is when eBay will go belly up. At this point, you would have to be a fool to tie your future earnings in with sales on eBay. They are going the way of Enron and nothing will stop it.

    • Chris Crum

      “Some buyers still like eBay because there are no more bidding wars for items and sellers have low “buy it now” prices due to fewer buyers.” – interesting point.

    • http://www.e-DUDS.com e-DUDS

      I’m afraid I disagree with this slightly. With the fees being what they are, it is not possible to sell anything at reasonable prices without giving the stuff away. We are trying to create somewhere with cheaper listing fees, and cheaper final value fees, then sellers will be incentivised to keep their prices low. The buyers will win and ultimately, the sellers will win too!

    • Guest

      Which all adds up to mean, you receive far less-than-stellar service from a novice and quite possibly fraudulent seller on a low quality product to a newbie buyer, who knows how to work the ebay/paypal system to scam the seller and just get the item free of charge, including the shipping the seller had to pay.

      What a deal!

      ebay is now synonymous with fraud.

      Why on earth would anyone want to buy or sell on fraud-bay?

  • http://www.200westmain.com/redinkdiary Henrietta

    eBay is a habit for many folks but there is no doubt traffic is down. As people have less money to spend eBay should be booming, but it is not. When a seller of quality used clothes is paying a 15% final value fee plus listing fee plus the mandatory PayPal transaction fee they can either give their product away or price up to compensate.

    As shoppers get more savvy and learn that they do not have to troll through a gazillion alternatives but simply input their search to Google Products, eBay will decline even further.

    I am a boycotter, read my opinions on my blog. I found when finishing up my 2008 books that although I made less last year than 2007 I kept more in my pocket. I sell on Bonanzle.com and my own website, stress free. I do not buy on eBay anymore.

  • http://www.mulewagon.com The Mule Wagon

    I’ve found that a well-designed and optimized web site (which need not be expensive in money, though it will take time) can sell as well as an eBay store. This is because Google is going to great lengths, without fanfare, to make it possible to sell directly through Google Product search and Google Checkout.

    Look at the new fields on Google Base – weight, taxes, shipping methods. Mark my words, there is something big in the works. Already it is possible, if you do your Google attributes and Google Base feed correctly, to appear at the top of regular search results when you wouldn’t have a prayer of doing so otherwise.

    • Chris Crum

      Google is certainly something to consider.

  • http://www.vtantique.com nadine

    eBay had a well established brand and the best business model on the internet. Unfortunately, current management have been working for years to edit the concept to death. Higher fees, crazy rules that set buyer against seller, NO customer service for either buyers or sellers — in effect, they took their own internet auction monopoly and broke it. They have driven away literally hundreds of thousands of sellers who three years ago would never have considered selling anywhere else.

    The ironic thing is that they have been working for at least two years to change eBay from an auction site to an ecommerce retail site. They tell us over and over that today’s buyers have no patience for auctions, fixed price is the only way to go.

    Yet why do you think buyers still like eBay? Because of its established brand as an auction site. And it’s true, this management never rebranded the site in any noticeable fashion. Nor do they quite dare to get rid of the auctions altogether — some corner of their minds understands that it is auctions for unique items that bring people to eBay. Yet they have worked ceaselessly to disparage and degrade the auction experience on the site.

    • Guest

      I made a total of 2 purchases on ebay over 2 years ago and got screwed so badly on both of them that i won’t even consider buying anything from anyone on ebay ever again. The customers that ebay is getting are new first time buyers. Eventually they will run out of first time buyers and then there will be nobody left to be scammed by the ebay sellers who can’t get their bogus junk listed anywhere else. If everyone would only deal with reputable sites, ebay would be gone within a month or two.

      • nadine

        Your sad experience is true, but so are repeat customers for good professional sellers. I know because I am such a seller and I have many repeat customers.

  • http://randomplaza.com Richard C Mongler

    When I shop online, I first go to google’s product search.
    Sometimes nothing shows up or only junk does.
    When all else fails, sometimes the stuff is only available on eBay.

    It’s a pain though. Last time I moved, I wanted to start a new account becaue eBay stalks you. I make a new account with my real info and I can’t bid, so I change it to fake info and abandon the account. Then I take some else one with fake info that I just had as a sleeper account with fake info, change it to my real info and finally can bid.

    eBay largely just chases away good buyers and encourages scammer buyers, though. Since eBay started changing things when I sell their, there are less good buyer and more scammers. A lot more people doing credit card fraud, too.

  • Guest

    If you haven’t noticed, Americans are the worst shoppers / consumers in the world. As the old saying goes, A sucker is born every minute. I still use eBay every once in a while, but only to get rid of returns or overstock. Useless for anything else.

  • http://I-ShopTheWorld.com I-ShopTheWorld.com

    Excellent Article, Chris! :)

    Thank you for writing and sharing it with all of us! :)

    Yes, we agree that Brand Recognition is currently eBay’s Main Competitive Advantage.

    Don’t you all think that most of their, Amazon’s and Overstock’s, Brand Recognition may be attributed to their Huge Media Campaigns over the years?

    How do we / smaller online retailers, without the Deep Pockets for such Huge Media Campaigns effectively establish Brand Recognition and “compete” with these 500 Pound Gorrilla’s and their “Beep Pockets”?

    What do you all think?

    I hope this helps and Have a Great Day! :)

  • http://www.nautical-gifts.us Nautical Decor

    Ebay was great to me this year, the fees were high but I sold some merchandise I probably would not have sold fromn my website, I am leaning towards using ebay more frequently this year.

    • Chris Crum

      Haven’t heard that too many times :)

  • SunsNut

    I used to live and breathe eBay and made quite a few bucks in the process. I was also able to buy just about anything I could think of BUT NOT ANY MORE! When they did their last set of changes raising their already ridiculous fees to something really outrageous I said NO MORE and that was that. I’ve still bought a few things but I used to troll eBay every day, now it’s more like once a month or if I really need/want something I’ll see what’s there. Typically when I want something now I Google the item first and see what comes up. That’s faster and a whole lot less frustrating. PayPal is another “subject” that will really piss me off so I won’t even go there!!

  • http://www.tackletastic.com/ clem

    People enjoy using eBay because its not just an auction site or ecommerce site it is also a social network site.
    People like to interact with each other over the internet thats why sites like facebook and myspace are so popular, you don’t get the social network side of things from most ecommerce sites.
    eBay is habit forming like smoking and drinking, we know it has its risks, but people find it hard to stop.

    • Chris Crum

      I can’t say I’ve ever participated in the social networking aspects of eBay. I think many other sites who have not incorporated this kind of thing yet will eventually, at least to some extent.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

    Ebay is not good to its merchants, its only good for 2nd hand stuff or overstock items IMHO. Which is why it is still a good deal for shoppers who like to collect some junk.

  • http://www.realstudio.ro/ RealStudio Design

    It’s not just a brand – it’s the brand in online shopping; so it’s only natural that they attract more and more new users … my guess is that the number of new users is twice of those who migrate to other sites…

    • Chris Crum

      …which is why these other sites are going to have to do some serious branding campaigns if they ever hope to put a dent in eBay.


    I buy and sell both on eBay and on individual web commerce sites.

    When I’m buying. Typically I check out eBay first. Chances are whatever I’m looking for will be there. I have had extremely good luck with my eBay purchases; good service and quality products.

    When selling I list most products on eBay first, Once again that’s where the buyers are.

    I have a stand alone ecommerce site hosted by Yahoo that is also doing well. HTTP://DONSCYCLEWARE.COM. The reason I branched out was eBay’s horrible customer service. Unfortunately whatever loyalty I felt for eBay was lost due to their inept handling of an error on their part.

    I believe that eBay has made some positive efforts to improve the buying experience. Unfortunately these changes have made it tough for the small volume sellers who gave eBay it’s unique character. Hopefully they will improve this.

    eBay was a wonderfull place to get my start. For that I’m gratefull. Unfortunately due to bad experience with them I’ll never trust them again and I’ll probably eventually leave.


  • http://www.firmalatter.dk Ejvind

    I can certainly recommend Google base – it’s a great way to make your products more visible. The system is not an auction house yet, but google likes to make money, so let’s wait and see…

    • Chris Crum

      Google certainly has the brand power, but they have not done a lot in the way of promoting Google Base, at least to anything close to an ebay level.

  • http://www.compubuyz.com phill

    I have a fairly large ebay shop that i manage alongside my ecommerce webiste www.compubuyz.com i find that ebay’s new fee structure has really enabled me to increase profitability due to the capability of listing multiple items over a fixed 30 day period with really low listing fees. I strongly believe that ebay is what you make of it, if you put little or no effort into your listings and then dont reply to enquiries/questions/issues promptly, dont ship goods swiftly and offer a great after care service then you will struggle. Ebay is one big popularity contest with the results of your success displayed to the world in a handy 5 star rating and a feedback score and if you work hard at providing good quality products, at comparative market prices, with fast free delivery and an element of Customer service afterwards then you will quickly become ‘popular’ and reap the benefits of 100% feedback with the reduction in fees and a powerseller status.
    I’m not saying its perfect by any means but it isnt the monster that i so often read about.

    • Chris Crum

      Fee structure to improve profitability…interesting.

    • wotshop

      Its great if you have hundreds of similar items to list, you get seen. Ordinary smaller volume sellers have a much harder time getting seen and therefore of getting regular sales. Ebay has chosen to appeal to volume sellers and made itself a much more unattractive place for everyone else.

      They reduced shop visibilty a couple of years ago, before that we were dong well enough. After that it became more expensive and slower to get a sale. They have improved shop visibility recently based on a ranking system (that is unfair) and on how many similar items you sell.

      Its a haven for dropshippers and little else as far as I can see.

      Sorry its Insane and you are welcome to it.

      ex powerseller with 5000+ positive ratings and 99.9 satisfaction rating

    • http://www.mydiscountstation.com MyDiscountStation.com

      that is strange.
      you are the first person I have seen who says that the new fee structure helps your bottom line. the fee structure on e-bay did not help me any. Nor did it help any other person I know. And the income was laughable.

      Now that I have my own store www.mydiscountstation.com , I can lower my prices and still make even more money. Strange how that works. I can totally pass on the savings to my customers and make more money and have less work and hassle.

    • diana

      I’m sorry, but you really need to take another look at your books or hire a new accountant! There is no way it is possible to have increased your profits with the new fee structure.
      Granted, you can list multiple items over a 30 day period with more exposure and cheaper listing fees; but you failed to mention that final values fees are now at 12%!!!
      I am a powerseller at ebay with 100% feedback rating and average 4.9 on the DSR stars. I take great pride in my customer service. I get the discounts every month, but they only apply to the final value fees. Not the cost of listing and relisting an item. And you only qualify for the full discount benefits if your are a powerseller and offer free shipping. Say goodbye to the occasional seller…..
      If you have found a way to increase your profitability with the new structure, you sir are a Marketing Genius.

    • Guest

      “fast, free delivery… great aftercare service…”

      sounds like ebay has become a pimp…the sellers doing tricks for the pimp, ebay. and after all is said and done, the pimp, ebay, beats the sellers senseless for fees. then while the seller is down trodden with with his trousers down, here comes “paypal” around the corner to get their turn.

      now guess what i am going to tell you to do with your 5 star rating.

    • Guest

      Yeah, right… whatever, Bud… I’ve sold a mess of stuff, shipped Lightening Fast and a lot of customers don’t even leave the feedback after I leave them feedback immediately… Been on Ebay since 2000 and miss the Golden Age before the greed… lost all my customers that were older but several because I’m NOT allowed to take MO or Personal Cheques…. Pure greed!!!! Name brand recognition, maybe, but not for long…. Let’s get ol’ Meg back in there, no wonder she left!!!

      • Guest

        Meg was the one who gave birth to the barrage of problem changes at ebay and then groomed J’Ho to take over for her, so she wouldn’t be wearing the ebay “stain” of failure on the front of her shirt when she runs for Governor of California.

        J’Ho is merely Margaret NitWhit’s scape goat.

        She’s the moron who spawned the beginning of the end of ebay.

  • am

    Its well known obviously, many people dont realise how diverse the market on Amazon is now, to a large extent it is the only high traffic game in town of its sort, which gives it a massive edge, and I hate it.

    I used to be a powerseller but wont use the site for business to sell because of ebay and pay pal fees and policies. I might sell the odd personal item, just because its easy, but as a business tool its useless. Constant changes in policies and fees as well as now having some of the most unpleasant customers who expect too much, dont like paying and dont bother to communicate, mainly due to the way ebay has been handling them taking the buyers side all the time.

    I occassionaly buy there still, but only after checking Amazon and online shops first, but I always feel sorry for the seller when I do, Ive been there and I know how little they are making.

    I sell on Amazon now, no fees per item till it sells, no constant policy changes at least so far, and I made more profit in 2 months than I did in 3 years of ebay trading.

  • Guest

    I agree with most everyone’s comments. We have been selling classic ar parts on eBay since 1998 and I long for “good ol’ days”. We don’t sell near much as we used to and our profits are lower. So why do we stay? We use it for new customer acquisition. All buyers get a copy of our catalogs on cd and many become long term customers. If your sales only come form eBay… good luck. You can look forward to less profit in the future.

    • http://www.cedarsavage.net Guest

      Exactly right, this is the same for me.
      With final value fees and insertion fees I am selling my products at cost, sometimes at a very small loss depending on exchange rates.

      Why would I sell?

      The only reason I sell on ebay is to get the customers, I’m not here to make money, but I need people to find my product and sample it, if they see it they’ll be hooked and never buy from any other manufacturer, but first I need to get them to my store.

      Ebay steps up to the plate, and… a swing and a miss, maybe next time?

  • Guest

    This article states that Amazon is lower than eBay, yet people still shop at eBay. It just proves the old saying old habits are hard to break.

    Break that habit and go here http://www.HacksWholesale.com where prices are even lower then Amazon. If my price is not lower, let me know and I’ll beat it.

    In fact, just email me and I’ll send you a discount code.

  • Chris Crum

    Wow, that’s a lot of interesting information. I have said that nobody is able to rival eBay from a brand standpoint (with the exception of maybe Amazon). The other sites you mention, which I’m sure are fine places to buy and sell, do not have anywhere close to the amount of name recognition of eBay. Until at least one of them does, no single one of them is going to threaten ebay to a huge extent. But many of the other factors you mention and the combination of all of these competitors will (and surely already has) certainly put some kind of a dent in it.

    • Guest

      I guess I dont understand your whole point then. 2 1/2 years ago, Ebay averaged 105 million unique monthly user according to quantcast.com. As of today, Ebay only averages about 63.5million unique users monthly.

      Your article is about ebay still attracting buyers. In reality…..ebay has been failing for years to foster growth in user traffic….which is critical to a publically traded mega company like ebay. Ebay can only raise fees for so long, and they can only lay off so many employees to absorb all that loss on user growth before the well runs dry so-to-speak. Of course ebay still gets alot of buyer traffic….but shareholders demand continual GROWTH…..and ebay’s has lost more users this year than any year in the past…..down nearly 20 percent in just one year while their rival Amazon has posted steady growth 3 consecutive quarters.

    • http://vtantique.com nadine

      The eBay alternatives may lack eBay’s brand name, but they may go quite far piggybacking on another well-known brand: Google Search

  • RL4422

    Ebay doesn’t make the prices, the sellers and buyers do. We have nobody to blame for outrageous prices but ourselves. Human greed and the need to be the “winner” drive the prices up :) I actually liked the feedback changes in 2008. Before then, I was afraid to leave negative feedback becuase I knew I would get it in return. So I had several BAD transactions that I wasn’t able to accurately report. Ebay is where you go to find things you can’t find elsewhere, and it’s serving it’s purpose nicely.

  • http://www.ziing.com Guest

    We are doing business the way Ebay used to do business when they first started and before all of the crazy rules and fees that they have now. Come by and check us out. It never hurts to look and you can add us as another site to sell on if you like what you see. We listen to our members (unlike Ebay).


    • Guest

      Ziing is yet another, going-nowhere, out-of-the-box cookie cutter site that wants to be an auction site.

      It will fail, as all the others have. Give it up.

  • Guest

    Free auction listings



  • Guest

    Need products for dropshipping? Here’s all you need, all in one place. It’s like having a garage full of stuff to sell … only you don’t need the garage.


    This is by far the best source for wholesale products. You can’t get this stuff any cheaper anywhere else.

    This might help you increase your profit margin when you post on greedBay.

  • http://www.nautical-gifts.us/servlet/the-Nautical-Decor/Categories Nautical Decor

    At least this year my sales were good during the holidays. the fees were a little high, listing, final value and then paypal. I think a lot of shoppers went to ebay for the holidays, who knows about the rest of the year.

  • Guest

    people still go to ebay thinking they are going to get cheap items. not thinking that people with there own website can have cheaper items. when i opened my website www.319jerseys.com i was able to lower price of products by atleast 10% because i didnt have to pay ebay listing or final sales fee.


  • http://www.andeshelp.net Guest

    No one has mentioned the alliance between ebay and Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the biggest advertisers and pushers for ebay and paypal.

    They have ebay and paypal advertising hard coded into the Microsoft Office Accounting application. You can’t turn it off or block it.

    That’s a lot of muscle and helps to keep ebay competitors from being easily found, or promoted, on the Internet. And, keeps ebay at the top of the search engine results.

  • Garry

    As a consistent buyer on e-bay, the main reason I keep coming back is the breadth of sellers on it. Unfortunately, the sellers who are leaving e-bay are scattering to the wind – one only needs to read through the messages on this board to see what I mean. Just try and find a handful of different items on any other site!

    I even picked up 3 more new sites to look at from the plethora of “I moved here…” comments on this board.

    As a secondary issue, I find a centralized pay company that helps protect me from fraudulent sellers is helpful. In spite of all the flaws in paypal (yes, both paypal and ebay are NOT customer contact friendly – be you seller or buyer) but they have worked. I have been protected from sellers who sell items then never ship.

    Also, it’s something I need to protect my credit card as I live and work out of town so it’s very hard to get in to mail a check or get a money order in any sort of a seller friendly time frame. I don’t want to be giving my credit card to tons of sites. While most are probably honest, that still just opens one up to credit theft.

    I don’t agree with the no feedback on buyer’s rules etc. but there should be a good resolution system put in place before any negative is posted. And the feedback should be more intuitive, 3 stars should be neutral, 4 stars should be good but improvement can happen, 5 stars should be excellent not 1-4 stars are negative, 5 is positive – that’s simply ridiculous.

    As for me, I am now moving between ebid.ca and ebay.ca (yep, yet another site! see what I mean?) as ebid is starting to get enough sellers to allow for a reasonable chance to maybe find what I am looking for.


  • Guest

    eBay isn’t number one everywhere. They’ve been too slow to get to New Zealand, so here, everyone uses trademe.co.nz, and eBay is only second.

  • http://www.durashopping.com Guest

    I quit Ebay! Now Iam out for revenge! Lets stick it to them like the greedy sons of ####### did to us. I now have my own website where I sell Amazon products, that means I make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon first) I just put them up on my website. I can also put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and get paid for it. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather, sports and more. All for $20 a month. Why pay Ebays fees when you can have all of this and amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours , and you dont have to list anything on amazon if you dont want to? Go to my site Durashopping.com to see an example of this Website. I have modified the site(you will not get one just like it) to look the way I want, you can do the same very easy. If you also want to do this- just click the green banner at the top of the page.


  • http://www.netstoresearch.com Hopeful Trader

    According to some reports circulating GoDaddy are about to launch a marketplace to challenge eBay and Amazon.


    And Danica Patrick looks much better than any eBay people I’ve ever seen ;-)

  • Guest

    I left ebay and I have my own site now http://www.HacksWholesale.com

    I can operate much cheaper than with ebay, which allows me to pass on the saving to my customers. It’s a win – win situation. Business is good, and I no longer pay those rediculous fees… and niether do my customers.

    If you want a store like mine, or just access to over 500,000 products ready for free dropshipping proceed to http://www.hackswholesale.com/Marketing/DD_index.asp

    This is how I got away from feebay. There are 5 different packages and theres one for every budget.

    • http://www.roomfurniturechina.com wholesale bedroom furniture

      I guess it’s no surprise that Google’s maintaining the overall lead. They have superior search technology, greater vision and have executed some major strategic acquisitions to their favor.

  • http://www.tel038.com.tw ??

    That’s a lot of muscle and helps to keep ebay competitors from being easily found, or promoted, on the Internet. And, keeps ebay at the top of the search engine results.

  • http://www.catdoor.net catdooranddogdoors

    It is hard for me to understand why people complain about Ebay.
    It is always a choice. I have never had one complaint-there are options and they have never tried to trick anyone. As with any company they have their rules. It is hard work and customers expect superior attention, it has taught me to try harder, work harder and to provide excellent customer service. If you dont do these things you will not last long.
    It is a great choice for those who do not make their own web pages well and leads them down the correct paths with a great deal of information. You can stop at any time without committment of
    a years expense. It is a avenue at a affordable price. It also was a great place for me to advertise our cat doors and dog doors before they were well known in other countries. I think Ebay is great.

  • Guest

    I have $140000 worth of merchandise for sale on ebay, and basically no traffic on it, so started my own website, which is costing me $12/year instead of $15/month + $1000’s final value fee.

    The difference is ebay I make no money, my own website I make a profit at the same price to consumer, so I totally agree that ebay is a hard place to sell, just too much cost for little exposure, and carrying cost even without sales.

    One thing I’m not worried about is ratings, 100% will never change, and as a buyer I thought the retaliatory feedback was ridiculous, so much so that I stopped buying on ebay for a year until they changed it to the way it is now..

    A lot of the points you make though, are not really going to be the downfall of ebay, even cumulatively.

    Siting a hundred sites with increased sales and their all ex ebayers, so what? What is ebays sales volume? Did it also increase?

    Down 4 million listings, is that a guesstimate? Is it all electronic transfer files which have been eliminated because they are used to fraudulently inflate seller ratings?
    Are they counterfeit sellers which have been kicked off?

    And with the many different sites listed, never heard of them, will probably never shop at any of them, and most, obviously not all, but most people never will, whereas most people WILL shop at ebay, because it is a trusted brand name.

    Every downfall cited may not yet be a problem at “competing” sites, but it certanly will become so as the fraudulent sellers which necessitated the changes to ebays policies find their way in, after there is enough traffic to an individual site to make it difficult for moderators to weed them out, (if they’re not the ones actually running the things)

    And IRS, come on now, was that ebays doing or paypals?

    Do all of the websites you have listed have power over the IRS to stop them from seeking a court order to give tax information for sellers?
    I think not, and if they get enough traffic to make it worthwhile the IRS will be there, with the precedent from paypal already in effect they’ll smash down your doors quicker than you can collect the profits.

    All the bad sellers, selling without testing products which might be harmful to kids, are now going to be selling at your sites, all the couterfeit sellers, who get bad DSRs are now going to be selling at your sites, all the rip off artists, who don’t ship, don’t refund and don’t make shipping costs and final costs transluscent, but try to hide the real price and ebay fees, are now going to be doing so from your sites…
    so…, sounds like a good safe place for the customer.

    Unless these sites place similar restrictions to those which you disdain from ebay, they’ll fail, 100% guaranteed, because every buyer, every single one in the world, hates to go to the lowest price search results to find $120 shipping for a stamp from 50 miles away, every buyer hates to not get what was described, and have no recourse for refund or getting a bad feedback rating because the seller got caught trying to rip him off.

  • http://collectorsonlinemall.com Maggie

    This article is a little biased. Amazon far outranks ebay in finding great New stuff fast and at better prices, with less hassel.

    As far as the great antiques and vintage items – it’s really getting hard to find them on eBay. Searching Google Products will more likely turn up better results.

    The true part of this article might be that you’ll find items from new sellers’ closets that are unaware that they probably won’t make much of a profit selling on eBay.

    Ebay’s auction platform is near-done thanks to them shoving antique and collectibles sellers off their site. People like to buy at a flat rate now anyway. This is what happens when you don’t listen to your customers. Now they’re left with a majority of large retailers who have their own sites where you can buy their product – probably for less.

    My site http://collectorsonlinemall.com and many others are where you’ll find bargains on vintage items. We don’t have to pay eBay and Paypal 12% fees anymore, so we can list our items at a discount.

  • Guest

    eBay is old news to me. I’m not paying their fees to sell my products any longer.

    I got my own site http://www.HacksWholesale.com where I can list as many as I want … for free! This allows me to pass all those savings on to my customers. My 100% feedback rating has now moved to my own site.

    eBay well soon be hearing crickets when they look at their stats. They are running off the very people who made them.

  • Guest

    I have my own site and I’m going to share with you how I did it. I want eBay to sing like the titanic.

    Go here and get your own site. http://www.hackswholesale.com/Marketing/DD_index.asp

  • Guest




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