Web 2.0: Call It What You Will

    May 29, 2006

The latest meme is trying to erase “Web 2.0” from our vernacular.

Fine. I don’t disagree. But, as RSS clearly shows us, we could call Web 2.0 jabberwocky and it wouldn’t matter.

Blaming a tired phrase on the kind of delusional behavior that preceded the dot com crash is like blaming Wendy’s for scalding your junk after you spilled coffee on it.

No matter what shiny bead emerges as the next big thing, the basic tenets of business and marketing should always apply.

Here’s an idea. Lets fold “news release is dead” in with “kill Web 2.0” to make one tired, er, uber meme? Just sayin’

For more…Susan is tracking the “Web 2.homage,” Mule nails it and we’d like to tip our hat to Brian for bringing it all to our attention.

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