Veveo Obtains $14 Million For Mobile Search

    August 27, 2007

Google, Yahoo, even AOL – everybody’s trying to get into the mobile market, and compared to those giants, a little company called Veveo might not appear to have much of a chance.  Veveo’s got around $28 million to use as a stepping stone, however.

Half of that sum is effectively old news, public knowledge.  The other $14 million came in much more recently, and Rafat Ali of notes, “This makes it a total of $28 million for a company which hasn’t yet launched its service.”  Which might sound a little loony, but Veveo’s product is nearing release.

When that takes place, we’ll supposedly see a mobile video search service to rival (and beat) all others.  Of course, that’s every company’s assertion, but this one seems to have VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall and CNET’s Rafe Needleman among its supporters; in his article’s title, Needleman calls the upcoming Vtap “outstanding.”

“The Vtap service will be released on September 10th,” he later adds.  Also, although Veveo is much more concerned with its mobile product, the company “will follow up with a Web-based video search site a few weeks after the mobile version is released.  Veveo also sells its technology to device manufacturers and to cable TV operators.”

So despite the competition, Veveo should prove to be a strong contender.