Traffic To Divorce Sites Up After Christmas

By: Doug Caverly - January 9, 2008

Does your wife nag?  Your husband snore?  If you’re noticing lots of small, irritating qualities (or big nasty ones) in a significant other, you’re not alone; the latest research from Hitwise found that traffic to divorce websites has nearly tripled since Christmas.Traffic To Divorce Sites Up After Christmas

To be fair, Hitwise’s Robin Goad writes, "We aren’t morbid enough to have a Hitwise ‘Lifestyles – Divorce’ category . . ."  And to be accurate, this data comes from the UK, not America.  Still, marriage certificates are getting thrown out with sad-looking Scotch pines at what seems like a record rate.

About 0.0012 percent of UK Internet traffic went to a divorce site on January 8th, according to Goad.  This was down from 0.0015 on January 7th, but still up significantly from the December 25th standing of 0.0004 percent.  Goad also reveals "the number one downstream site visited after": Her Majesty’s Courts Service.

Yikes.  Well, at least the visitors’ follow-through can be commended.  That’s the follow-through on their divorce site visits, of course, rather than any original marriage vows.  In that respect, well, everyone may need to do some work.  But Goad also explores a happier subject – wedding site stats – for the optimists out there.

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