"Stop calling me dude!"

    February 13, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

One YouTube upload later, a Baltimore cop received a suspension after a skater recorded the officer’s less-than-friendly interactions with a fellow skater.

The last thing you hear now-suspended Salvatore Rivieri say to the kid with the camera phone is “You got that camera on? If I find myself on…” The camera cuts off at that point, but the prior three minutes and thirty-eight seconds of the massively bulked-up Rivieri chewing out a skinny 14-year-old boy, taking his skateboard, putting him in a headlock, and forcing him to the ground would have been a “he said, he said” situation in years past, with most people taking the cop’s word for what happened.

“Stop calling me dude!” Rivieri said several times during the encounter, evidently caused when the officer spotted the group of teens skating someplace where they should not do so. While we do empathize with the officer’s strength of feeling over the lack of polite respect from the teens, and poor Eric in particular, the whole situation demonstrated the importance of citizen journalism. See for yourself at YouTube.