Scientists Reanimate Dogs, Dislike Zombie Comparisons

Researchers Bring Dogs Back to Life

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Ever see the movie, Pet Sematary? Scientists have found a way to bring Bowser back to life without the Indian burial ground and creepy old man neighbors. And they say that dogs aren’t as cranky as you might expect after coming back from the dead.

Scientists Reanimate Dogs, Dislike Zombie Comparisons

Three hours after clinical death, researchers at Pitt’s Safar Center for Resuscitation Research were able bring dogs back to life using a new technique they hope to extend humans within a year. The dogs were clinically dead, meaning their hearts had stopped and brain activity had ended. They were dead, really dead, all the way dead.

Dr. Patrick Kochanek, the center’s director, explained that the procedure involved draining all the blood from the dogs and replacing it with a nearly ice-cold saline solution. The solution will throw the body into a state of hypothermia that suspends breathing, heartbeat, and brain activity, rendering the subject officially dead.

A few hours later, fresh blood was reintroduced to the canine bodies while oxygen was administered and defibrillators shocked the heart back to life. The dogs showed no signs of physical or mental damage as a result of their resurrections.

It didn’t take long for British news sources like The Register to get a hold of the news and dub it an experiment involving "zombie dogs." But according to the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, Dr. Kochanek regrets the moniker, which has spread like wildfire across the Internet. "It’s so unfair and so bizarre," Kochanek said. "Somebody must have thought the title ‘zombie dog’ would be a catchy phrase. Obviously they were right, but obviously that is the farthest thing from what we are doing, which is trying to save lives."

The intent of the research is born of a concept from the late Dr. Peter Safar, the inventor of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and founder of the center that bears his name. He suggested that flushing out the circulatory system and replacing blood with the saline solution could buy some extra time while transporting trauma victims. The icy temperatures would preserve tissues and organs long enough for medical treatment to arrive.

"The idea is to preserve the victim for just a little while in this state called suspended animation so the surgeons can locate bleeding sites and make the necessary repairs," Kochanek said.

The procedure, if perfected, could be used to save the life of those suffering from rapid blood loss, buying them time to be transported. It is expected to be very helpful on the battlefield and at car accident scenes where rapid blood loss is prevalent. About 50,000 Americans die annually from these types of injuries, which are the leading cause of death among troops in combat.

Scientists Reanimate Dogs, Dislike Zombie Comparisons
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  • mike

    when its ur time its ur time ….DONT PLAY GOD!!!!!

  • Guest

    Fucking cool!

  • Jeffrey Huntington

    Seems like we need to go the other direction and make death something we can accept through the help of modern Science. We are kind of prolific and it might be beneficial if we would just reduce in numbers. It might help the longevity of this planet if we stop multiplying and hanging around as long as we do. Please no nasty comments about why don’t you kill yourself. I am not supporting that kind of situation of unwanted end to peoples lives. It’s just that if the quality of life goes down that maybe we could be made to feel good and terminate on a more pleasant term rather than hang around miserable..

    • tena monroe

      Thank you Jeffery, for having the stones to post your entire name. have yet to see that in some other posters .I am not trying to antagonistic, just curios .

  • tena monroe

    I am curious to know where they are getting these dogs from. The concept is interesting in the application for the troops on battlefield and accident victims.

  • patrick swayze

    learn how to fucking spell you asshole. and learn proper grammar. yeah i know, i’m not using capital letters, but i fucking know i’m not. you dumb motherfucker.

    • Guest

      shut your retarded fucking mouth! Grammar? Really? Who gives a fuck you stupid piece of shit!

  • Guest

    yes saving lives is so wrong, sick, and disgusting.

  • Guest

    There is nothing wrong or sick or disgusting about it. It is science.. science in its finest hour actually. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so closed minded. It is because of people like you that keep our society from advancing at all!

  • concerned

    holy shit that’s just messed up… prolonged lack of oxygen causes brain damage. if a person dies, their brain is deprived of oxygen. Brain activity is still registered for up to 10 minutes after you’re dead. If your brain is still reacting, it needs oxygen. Oxygen deprivation causes brain damage. even if you resuscitate a person who is dead, who’s to say they won’t be in extreme condition upon return? My grandmother “died” in a hospital. they brought her back to life after 12 minutes. She was not responsive… imagine an hour?

    • Guest

      did you read the article? i believe where it says “The dogs showed no signs of physical or mental damage as a result of their resurrections.” strongly implies that th dog showed no signs of mental damage. Actually, I think that the fact that the dogs were healthy after resuscitation is the reason this article even made news at all.

  • Kyle

    Pioneering new techniques for saving trauma victims is wrong and disgusting? You must think the same of Organ Transplants and skin grafts as well, yea?

  • snowball

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  • Guest

    I consider myself a liberal and an open minded person, but I still obey the law, think that law enforcement is important as there are too many crazies out there. That been said, I LOVE the idea of this experiment. I wish more scientists would have the balls to do this, as it will SAVE LIVES once perfected. I know for a fact that if that dog could talk and was self aware, he would still have participated in this experiment, just like I would have. This is the type of stuff that makes history.
    Zombie dogs or not, I applaud the efforts of these men and woman, it takes a lot of backbone knowing how the ‘people’ will react and still go through with it.

  • Alex

    it’s not wrong, sick, or disgusting. It’s medical science. If doctors like these weren’t around you’d be sitting in a mud pit believing that it was the bad smells emanating from your underarm that caused the flu.
    There’s no telling what kinds of miracles they will be able to perform with technology like this. They might be able to make it like a local anesthetic, draining fluid from just the wounded area and preserving it until surgery can be performed. They could transport severe bleeding and people in critical states for hours instead of minutes with a chance of saving them.
    Yes, it may seem barbaric to perform the experiments upon dogs, but would you rather have a technology which can save up to 50k lives a year or Lassie?

    besides, this is how the zombie outbreak will start. get your kits ready :p

  • Manuel

    We are supposed to live forever.

  • me

    wow that could save alot of lives when they get it perfected! prolly could test it on death role inmates….or justin beiber and his fans

  • Sparky

    This is just right, and healthy and fun!

  • jonny

    Kochanek said. “Somebody must have thought the title ‘zombie dog’ would be a catchy phrase. Obviously they were right, but obviously that is the farthest thing from what we are doing, which is trying to save lives.”

    Dude you are reanimating dead dogs EVERYBODY but you upon hearing this immediatly thought zombie

    • Guest

      you are wrong, and a dumbass. That is not actual death and reanimation. I admit it is an awesome idea to save lives, it’s just if anybody thought “zombie” they must be very stupid. Freezing is in no way death. It’s suspended animation.

  • Guest

    How is this wrong? This is science at its finest. It is exciting to see that research like this is taking place because so many victims will be able to benefit from such a procedure.

  • guest

    Either a medical breakthrough or the Re-Animator in real life.

  • Guest

    how could this possibly be wrong, it’s the next step on the long process to extend life, if this is wrong then getting a kidney transplant or a blood transfusion is wrong, and when it’s happening to someone who thinks it’s “wrong” they don’t complain then, just a opinion

  • kennedy

    This is great- quite the break-through

  • Guest

    this is disgusting. Dogs should’t have to go through this crap. And by the way, that’s not reanimating them, they’re not dead, just frozen. Clinically dead is not the same as real death, and it takes some very disturbed people to think of this crap.

  • Guest

    This is fantastic! Great work

  • Guest

    This is just terribly written

  • Emmy

    What a miraculous discovery!! A lot of lives could be saved and that’s great. And within a year… amazing!!

  • Guest

    this can’t in any way be seen as “sick” or “disgusting” the only argument i can see there is that the hypothermia isn’t fun and dogs probably shouldn’t be subjugated to it

  • Guest

    What about ethics??? Long gone?

    • Guest

      Are you suggesting that medical science is unethical? Do you know what ethics is? It’s the study of morality. As in how to make moral choices. As in how to make the best decision for the greater human good, in a given situation. Is it not better for human good that we develop technology that could preserve life and potentially eliminate loss of blood as a cause of death?

  • Guest

    I agree with the first comment, attempting to advance medical-scientific method in order to save lives is just plain wrong. And disgusting. I mean, imagine having a life-saving fluid in your veins? No thank you, I’ll take death.

  • http://www.petdirectory.com.au The Pet Directory

    Wondering when they will try human experiments using this technique.

  • guest cartharsis

    i am waiting to be convinced as to how this is wrong. perhaps given the differences in opinions we could excuse such unchecked utterances, yet it is imperative that we ask our selves, does this advance modern medicine or humanity at large? the answer is both, and gladly so!

  • abdullah

    i am waiting to be convinced as to how this is wrong. perhaps, given the differences in opinions we could excuse such unchecked utterances, yet it is imperative that we ask our selves, does this advance modern medicine or humanity at large? the answer is both, and gladly so!

  • Miriah

    I am a bit conflicted on this. I guess I can just see both sides. No one likes the idea of animal testing but sometimes its just neccsary to save human life. What’s the point of coming this far in our intelligence if we cant use it to help our fellow man? Im just more against using animals for make up testing,but then again thats from a girl who has never had to use it. My biggest thought reading this was did they kill the dogs to do it, but I answered my own question with duh! They dont have time to sit around waiting for animals to die and it doesnt really matter because they brought them back! >_< overall I just love seeing so many people supporting this, I expected A LOT more of the "disgusting" and "wrong" comments.

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