Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Look More Business-like

    August 1, 2003

Sandy’s website looks like the web page my grandmother put together 4 years ago. Everything is centered down the middle of the page, the background color shows on my monitor as annoying-light-yellow-or-tan, and all of the text seems to be basic Paragraph text with a default font.

Why not line up a menu to t-shirt types along the left, use a table to group the text, make the font more original and Larger, anything to make it more eye-catching.

I found myself filled with dread at having to READ DOWN the home page, it looked boring-to-bad from the top. I’m not crazy about her logo (it looks very amateurish), and all of the links and “garbage” at the bottom gives the entire page the feel of being a bad personal page, not a business page at all.

The example pictures were nice, but I think they would have been better off on sub-pages, somehow grouped by type or theme.

I would think a couple of hours with a drag-and-drop web editor could turn this page into a showcase, and bring in a lot more browsers and buyers. I wouldn’t buy a t-shirt from Sandy because her page makes me think she’s not a real business, and chances of getting the correct product delivered are slim. I wouldn’t buy a t-shirt off this site, even if I saw the perfect t-shirt I’ve always been looking for listed on the home page.

So much for the review. Hope you can find a snippet worth clipping.

Matt Stone

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