Play Google Voice Messages Right in Gmail

    September 10, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has launched a new feature in Gmail labs that allows you to play Google Voice voicemails right from Gmail. Before, when Google Voice users received email notifications from Google Voice, they had to click a link in the message to open a new page.

Google Voice in Gmail

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Voice, Google compares it to Gmail for phone calls and text message. After someone leaves a message, on your Google Voice number, you get an email notification.

"Google Voice helps you manage your communications with a unique phone number that rings all your existing phones, a single voicemail inbox with online access and automated transcription, and lots of handy features like the ability to block spammy calls and easily record personalized greetings for your callers," explains Google Voice Product Manager Vincent Paquet.

When you use the new feature, your message status will stay synced. Messages played from within Gmail will appear as read in your Google Voice inbox. They won’t be played again when you check new messages on your phone.

Google Voice is available on an invitation-only basis for the time being. However, invitations can be requested here.