Looking For A Date With Search

    February 4, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Web search at the four major search engines does not provide a way to sort results by date.

The question of sorting search results by date came up at the TechConsumer blog. Why no easy “sort by date feature?”

Looking For A Date With Search

Google manifests the oddity of web search without a date sort. At Google’s News and Blogsearch products, sorting news and blog posts by date about the New York Giants (or other topics of course) is a handy link away.

But you can’t do this on Google, Yahoo, Ask, or MSN/Live Search. Except for Microsoft, search engines allow for advanced filtering to only return results for certain time periods. Ask will drill this down to a week, Google the past 24 hours, and Yahoo the past 3 months; these are the shortest periods the engines offer for looking at updated content only.

“Each of these search engines boasts some sort of secret sauce that theoretically gives you the most