Laptop Hunter Ad Altered: Did Microsoft Listen to Apple?

Apple's $2,000 price removed from commercial

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Just last week we told you about how Microsoft received a call from Apple lawyers urging them to stop running the Laptop Hunter ads. Microsoft’s COO, Kevin Turner, referred to the call as "the greatest single phone call in the history".

Well, it seems as though Apple’s call accomplished something, Microsoft has altered one of their Laptop Hunter ads.

The ad in question, Laptop Hunters $1700 – Lauren and Sue get a Dell XPS 13, has been slightly modified. Originally, when the duo were checking out the Mac the conversation went as follows:

Lauren: This Mac is $2,000… and that’s before adding anything.
Mom: Why would you pay twice the price?
Lauren: I wouldn’t.

Now, the modified ad just features Lauren saying, "It seems like your paying a lot for the brand" when talking about the Mac’s. You can check out the updated commercial below.

Advertising Age features the following quote from a Microsoft spokeswoman:

"We slightly adjusted the ads to reflect the updated pricing of the Mac laptop shown in the TV advertisement … This does not change the focus of the campaign, which is to showcase the value and choice of the PC."

Do you feel the altered ad loses Microsoft’s message? Tell us.

Laptop Hunter Ad Altered: Did Microsoft Listen to Apple?
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple only changed the price in order to give their legal team the leverage to force this kind of a change.

  • Pete

    The campaign is still successful as far as I see it.

  • Guest

    This is a joke. Microsoft hold like about 90% of the market and they trying to pick on a small company(Apple) which actually brings them income. Ms Office for mac is the highest profit making division in Microsoft apart from the Windows OS division itself.

    Anyway, now this two dumb broads can spend their time downloading anti-virus programs!

  • George Norman

    Of course, you don’t really have to ad anything to a Macbook, since everything is already built in, including iLife. And the team that designed Office X should have designed Windows as well! The ad did nothing to convince me because I enjoy walking to the bank to put money in.

  • Guest

    Now I think they’ve got a real truth in advertising issue – the one thing I thought the ads had going for them was that they were cinema verite – filming real people having real, however uninformed, reactions as they shopped…

    So now this change tells me he ads were SCRIPTED all along??? Microsoft just lost all credibility with me! The ad opening “overview” statement is clearly misleading – forget Apple… the FTC should pull these ads!

  • http://www.morganmailboxes.com Guest

    Who would want to buy a PC in the first place? You get what you pay for. The ad is just another weak attempt on Microsoft’s part to sell a cheap product and what better what to do that is to trick Joe customer into thinking he’s getting more for his less expensive computer.

  • http://www.rippedoffonline.com ROOEd

    There has to be more to the story than just a phone call. Microsoft and Apple both walk a thin line with their ads. As far as price goes, why would someone pay over $2000 for a Mac when they can get the equivalent PC for $500 (or more) less? As far as MAC being better – I do not believe it. It is all in what a person prefers. People who swear by the Mac typically are not gamers or performance freaks; they are either graphic artists, musicians or disillusioned. As far as price, do you really think it costs more to make a Mac? Not really. The motherboards, hard drives, memory and other components are made the same way (and many times by the same manufacturers) as PC components. So why the cost difference?

    • http://www.smoothcomputer.net D. D. Tannenbaum

      What you are paying for with the Mac is a more robust and stable operating system. The Mac OS is built on Unix. It basically doesn’t break. It has issues just like any piece of software, but it is nowhere near as buggy and unstable as Windows. I’ve been working on PC’s since they came out. I even had my own computer store for 6 years. I would get hundreds and hundreds of Windows PC’s every year, the majority of them corrupted Windows, viruses or spyware. I’d get maybe 5 or 6 Macs a year, all hardware issues.
      If you add up the cost of a service call once a year or so to fix these things that are NOT under warranty $200 – $300, you soon exceed the cost of a Mac.
      And, there is always the Mac Mini. They start at $600, and you can use your monitor, USB keyboard and mouse with it.Unless you have an absolute need to run something that only comes on Windows, or you like fixing your computer all the time, look at the Mac.

  • Guest

    As more people learn the difference between Microsoft and OS X Apple continues to take a bigger and bigger piece of the pie. TV, movies, magazine people know; you see and hear about Macs all the time, even thought there are millions more PC s.

    People who are “in the know” don’t want the Microsoft. Apple will soon allow others to build OS X because they will not be able to keep up with the demand.

    Apple stock continues to go up, even in tough times, $150+ , while Microsoft ‘continues’ $25- Many thought it was the iPod, now they say it’s the iPhone… No! Those products ‘are’ teaching millions about Apple, however! Apple’s an innovative, better, company, making better products, pleasing consumers, who soon become fans.

    Microsoft, I’ve been saying this since I got my first Mac six years ago, “Your going down as soon as people learn the truth. The bigger they are the harder they fall.”

  • Guest

    This is funny! Buying a Mac is like getting getting a Lexus with everything included vs buying a Chevy with basic equipment. By the time you try to buy all the extra equipment and accessories to match the Lexus if you can find them for your chevy you still have a chevy. You get what you pay for

  • Isaac

    after many many years of using a PC i finally gave up to my friend’s pleading me to try a mac. I broke the piggy bank and got my first mac 3 years ago.
    Within 48 hours I was addicted, i WAS HOOKED. i couldn’t believe it how changing would change my life. I am infront of the computer 12 hours a day and I would never spend that much time infront of vista. not a chance.
    You get what you pay for is true. 3 years later I am still enjoying a great macbook first generation. it’s as good as the first day I took it out of the box.

  • Guest

    All the talk is what it is all about; hype around an issue and that is what the COO of Microsoft probably meant.

    Worked on both PC and Mac for many years. Mac is really just for those people who are trying to be different; go and look and desktop OS domination; Mac is less than 10% I believe and it hasn’t changed much.

    I believe Vista was one big flaw in Microsoft’s arsenal that will probably be rectified through Windows 7. Linux great but terrible for the normal user who doesn’t care about all the technical details.

  • http://www.uk-house-rentals.co.uk SKETCH3D

    Its funny to watch how the Mac VS PC articles still bring so much comment.
    At the end of the day, for me its all about return on investment, not just the upfront costs.
    I use Mac, yes I paid a dam side more for them which was a bitter pill to swallow when looking at start up costs however, they don’t let me down and the OS is so robust I just keep opening up applications and switching between them without the annoying freezes that are typical with the windows OS. OK I haven’t spent any time with Vista and I don’t think for the time being I will even entertain Windows 7 due to my brief experience with Vista however if in time when my hardware is due for upgrade I will reassess, but so far its looking like Mac for me.

  • ben

    i just cant beleive people pay $2000 just to browse the internet and play poker and download itunes music.. and say “i have a mac” that is just stupid waste of money and Apple makes it seem normal. Mac is damn good for its applications, but normal users need an hp or dell who have one button OS recovery, where in case the microsoft goes bust one button will reset it to manufacturer first day and its like it never happened. and that $1500 could still be there for you,,or you can get 2 more laptops for the kids.

    Mac looks good, but $1500 sitting in your bank looks even better.

    • http://level343.com/article_archive Gabriella

      I have been using Mac’s since 1984 I have never used or needed an Ooops “recovery” button since my Mac has NEVER crashed. I use mac’s because they are solid, you can find things on your hard drive without pulling your hair out, and yes the apple is cool. I don’t apologize for boasting and changing PC users mind. Since I have been using Mac’s ( I have bought 3 Macs + a lap top for traveling in the last 20 years) It wasn’t because my Mac crashed but because I gave them away to family. (my sister still has & uses the cute imac I gave her in 2000) I have converted over 20 PC users and every one of them still thanks me to this day! Maybe I should have Apple pay me for all these conversions.

      In conclusion as far as the cost it depends what you want to spend your money on. Something that will last and hold it’s value or something you have to change every 3-5 years. Someone said it best when they compared Apple to PC “do you want to drive a Ferrari or a KIA”

  • Guest

    Ok, how do the mac supporters survive out there in the real world?. I would say 99.9% of buisnesses use pc’s

  • Guest

    Mac’s are like the Computers for Dummies. For those that do not have the good old tech know how to use a pc. What the heck do you do with the mac other than cruise the net? Just nothing out there for the mac. no wonder it does not crash. Does not run anything worth nothing.

  • Guest

    I’m a video editor and own and use both PCs and Macs on a daily basis. Macs are nice and sleek and it is true they don’t suffer from viruses but that isn’t microsofts fault, I wouldn’t be suprised if Mac had a division that writes viruses.

    As far as the price drop it is obviously an attempt at the ads. Don’t think for one second that any of this is just coincidence. Do you think one of the largest companies in the world is going to do an ad that isn’t 100% scripted even if it looks like reality? Trust me, every frame of that was scrutinized before it ever hits the air.

    Here is the rub, I noticed that I had trouble with the built in mic on my Mac and HAD to take it to a Mac service center. Turns out a tiny 3 inch piece of wire got pinched in manufacturering and shorted out the mic. Rather than just replace the 2 cent piece of wire they had to replace the $350 entire front bezel. If it were my PC I would have diagnosed it myself, gone to the store, gotten the part and back up and running within the hour. My Mac was in the shop for a week.

    PCs will never go away just because of that examples like that. Macs will never corner the market because they won’t allow clones and it is too much BS to do anything with them beyond just working with apps.

  • Eddy Pec

    In about 3 years everything will be running in the cloud, MS is already on top of this as office will be available online. Soon you will be buying a “Terminal” which will get all of its inforomation from the cloud. No local “Computer” will be required. Im assuming apple is aware of this and will be emulating MS with the apple “cloud computer” apple is now running on linux which helped it enormously. The mac classic os was complete garbage at that point pc ruled however PC cannot stand up to Linux core. From a tech standpoint it is a superior computer. Will crash less, and can run any app that a pc runs.

    eddy peck, converted 12 year pc user.. (MAC)

    Master Technical Engineer – Datacenter

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