Firefox Causes AdSense Woes

    July 23, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A recent update to the Firefox browser kept some AdSense publishers from being able to log in to their accounts.

Firefox Causes AdSense Woes
Firefox Causes AdSense Woes

The Mozilla Foundation released version of Firefox to correct an input handler problem. This update proved troublesome for a number AdSense publishers.

Google’s Rajiv Sud said on the AdSense blog Firefox users were unable to log in to their accounts. Some publishers would see a sign-up form instead of their normal login page.

Blame for the problem fell upon a widely-used Firefox plugin, according to Sud:

After a little digging and some testing, we’ve found that Adblock Plus, an add-on that sometimes gets installed with Firefox, can prevent you from accessing your account on the AdSense homepage. Our recommendation is to clear your cache and cookies and turn off the Adblock software before trying to log in at

Adblock Plus allows its users to shut off ads that appear on web pages. We find it amusing to note that people who earn money through AdSense ads also employ Adblock Plus to keep from seeing ads on websites.