Facebook Planning Overnight Hackathon

    October 28, 2008

Stay up a little too late, and you might get tired.  Stay up way too late – think weeks of insomnia – and you may start to lose it.  But somewhere in between, creativity strikes a lot of people, and Facebook’s planning an overnight hackathon to take advantage of this fact.

Facebook’s engineers will get to work on Wednesday, November 5th at around eight in the evening.  Pedram Keyani used Facebook’s engineering feed to create some interesting expectations, writing, "In past years, Facebook Hackathons have been the starting point for all sorts of new features that rapidly became mainstays of the site, such as Facebook Chat, internationalization, the type-ahead feature in search, the friend suggester, etc. etc." 

Facebook Logo

And here’s an intriguing bonus: if there’s feature or upgrade you want to see, Keyani wants you to speak up.  "[P]lease accept our invitation to submit those concepts to the address hackathon-ideas@facebook.com," he wrote.  "The deadline is noon Pacific time, Monday, Nov. 3."

Ten people will be awarded with Facebook t-shirts for their trouble.  So far, suggestions put forth in the comments section of Keyani’s post favor the idea of video chat, making it something worth looking for.  The concept of a family tree tool also received a couple of nods.

Get in your recommendations soon if you want to shape the social network’s future, or at least some engineers’ sleepless night.