Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

    March 20, 2007

Feeling empowered personally is important to everyone. No one wants to think their opinions, ideas, and contributions have little value to their employer. Unfortunately, too many people feel their workplace doesn’t provide them with recognition or sufficient opportunities for personal growth. Too many employees sense they lack empowerment on the job.

The good news for the underappreciated staffer is there is a powerful option for personal empowerment. That choice is a future in entrepreneurship. Considering self employment is very often heavily motivated by the thoughts gaining personal empowerment. Becoming your own boss lets you make the decisions, right or wrong, that determine the direction of your own company. The entire concept of entrepreneurship is drenched in your personal empowerment.

For the unempowered individual, entrepreneurship represents real freedom. In fact, for someone who has spent their entire working life in creativity stifling workplaces, self employment may be the only route to true self actualization possible. That self reliance and personal fulfilment is why entrepreneurship is so empowering. You can follow your dreams and standard of ethics, and not be subservient to someone else’s vision; or lack thereof.

Not all employers are bad by any means. In fact, most are quite good, and provide fulfilling and financially rewarding careers for their staff. The point for the person with an entrepreneurial personality, however, is that self employment is the only possible route to their own personal empowerment. For them, there simply is no other option than working for themselves. Self determination is a passion for the entrepreneurial individual.

Entrepreneurs are driven by passion to succeed in their business or profession. To reap the rewards of their own efforts and ideas is secondary to following the dream wherever it may lead. For some people, the opportunity to operate a company their own way far out balances any perceived financial security available through employement. Indeed, many entrepreneurs either don’t fit well in an employee enviroment or have no faith in the future of employment as a career option. Instead, the dream of taking the risks, testing their own ideas, and charting their own course in life is the overarching entrepreneurial imperative.

That passion to build a company is also a source of strength from which the business owner can draw. Whether times are good or bad for the company, the self employed person can dip into that pool of passion and refesh the dream.

Combining passion with good business planning, and mixing in a strong sense of ethics, creates a powerful entrepreneurial elixer. With that formula in hand, the business owner can live the dream. The heady drink of personal empowerment is an intoxicating brew.

Entrepreneurship is truly empowering for many people. Living the dream of owning their own business is their passion. Independent business is also the backbone of the economy. As a result, the dream of self employment for many, is beneficial to all.