Cant Find That 1996 Memo? Google Can Help

    September 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Google launched Google Enterprise Professional today, a partner program service to aid small and large businesses in making various types of data more efficiently accessible.

The program is designed to help businesses find their own information buried in the darkest corners of mainframes and databases.

“The Google Enterprise Professional program will help Google customers extend their use of enterprise products to previously hard-to-search areas of their infrastructure, such as legacy data locked in mainframes, information on a highly secure government network, or real-time customer data in an enterprise application,” says Kevin Smith, Partner Program manager.

But Google isn’t doing this on their own. The Partner Program sets up a network of systems integrators and software vendors to supplement it. The professional directory of partners can be found here.

The main goal of the Enterprise program is to engineer internal search and website search to work as fluidly and simply as Google itself.

Barbara Darrow of CRN has a detailed explanation here.