Best Black Friday Chaos Videos 2011, There Will Be Towels and Blood

Is that pepper spray, and a rush for towels?

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To successfully attend a Black Friday sales sweepstake, a person must develop a certain set of skills. First is learning how to box out and use elbows to keep away all the competition going after that Twilight blu-ray on sale for $4 (not an actual sale). One new tactic which might be useful going into next year is building up an immunity to pepper spray. Oh, and don’t go after the towels on sale unless you’re built like a linebacker.

Enjoy all the chaos recorded during Black Friday 2011, where the joy of the beginning of the Christmas season was uploaded for all of us to see on YouTube.

The first set of videos shows that it’s not just the big ticket items people were going crazy over. Towels for $1.28!!!

Along with the random bouts of chaos, there was some extreme physical consequences. Not just for people, but all the Wal-Mart displays as well.

This one actually has some character, and plot development as well…

One of the new trends during the Black Friday 2011 season was the use of police force and pepper spray. No, this isn’t related to the meme.

(Warning: this one is bloody, and a step above the others on the disturbing ladder)

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and enjoyed some great Black Friday sales. Time to start training for next year.

Best Black Friday Chaos Videos 2011, There Will Be Towels and Blood
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  • http://www.ouroyster.com James Cook

    Its amazing how crazy people get!

  • http://www.lipu-china.com ball mill

    Its amazing how crazy people get!

  • theDude

    America – **** yeah!

  • Chris

    What the fuck is wrong with you fucking idiots?
    You’re like sheep, it’s despicable.
    Americans scrambling for reduced TOWELS whilst there is widespread starvation in many parts of the world, which could easily be solved if over indulgences such as this where stopped.

    You should never be surprised that the world hates, despises and looks down on your. You’re nothing better than animals.

    • Steve

      Hear hear, that man. You’re spot on. America is the #1 consumer culture, and it’s pathetic. Grown adults clamouring for towels and television. Led by corporations and greed and followed by sheep. What a horrible ‘culture’ (and I use the term quite wrongly) they’ve become.

    • smilidon

      It is our right to spend our money on towels or toilet paper or whatever else we can think of. It is not my problem nor should my money be used to help any other country or people. I don’t give a shit at all. If it’s my money I’ll use it how I damn well please and you have no right to say otherwise.

  • borb

    Only in US….

    and walmart

  • no u

    i love my country

  • Aaron

    All Hail the mighty dollar! All hail Capitalism! Get that fucking deal people, because thats all that matters. Mace that fellow human being to get your hands on that xbox!

    Fuck America

  • Trav

    man this makes me sad for humanity. They are fighting for the right to give a large corporation their money for a bunch of junk. JUNK. The symbolism of the stuff being handed (or torn out of) trash bags is NOT lost on me. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

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