Acid 3 Test Coming Soon

    January 10, 2008

With the announcement that both Firefox 3 and IE8 have passed the acid2 test, Ian Hickson has been working hard on the acid3 test. The new test will focus mostly on ECMAScript and Dom through Selectors Level3, Media queries and data URIs. The new acid3 test isn’t quite ready yet but it should become ready within the coming months.

This new test will put more pressure on the browsers to attempt to adhere to further standards with JavaScript. Hopefully they will all pass it soon with their push towards adopting web standards as they are written.

Hopefully we will be seeing IE8 and Firefox 3 released very soon. There are of course already versions of Firefox 3 available for download. However, not many of the extensions work on the beta browser yet. Until they do I don’t plan to fully switch over to Firefox 3. I would like to say that Firefox 3 renders pages incredibly fast and loads and runs very fast within Windows also. I’m awed by the new version.