YouTube Offers Olive Branch To Japan

    December 20, 2006

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers or JASRAC might be pleased with YouTube’s latest response to the on going saga of copyright infringement. As reported on December 5 JASRAC had sent a letter to YouTube requesting that they improve their screening of copy written material and post warnings in Japanese about uploading such content. YouTube had until December 15 to respond.

Founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have responded to the letter and have agreed to post warnings in Japanese and English concerning the uploading of copyrighted content. YouTube is also planning a direct meeting with JASRAC that would likely take place in Japan but a date has not been set.

JASRAC is the same group that complained to YouTube in October and demanded they take down nearly 30,000 video clips that were in copyright violation. YouTube complied with the request.

YouTube is also taking additional measures besides posting the warnings. They say they will terminate repeat offenders accounts that continue to upload copy written content.

Reaction in the blogosphere to this latest olive branch offered by YouTube seems to favor the video giant. Ronald Lewis wrote,” The content is engaging the audience and furthering the brand and/or show. I’m sure these guys are benefiting from YouTube.” Another post said the Japanese should reach some kind of licensing agreement with YouTube. One poster did take a hard line approach to the situation.” Hey- I hope you guys don’t care if I borrow everything YOU own. I’m sure you guys are benefiting from YouTube. ! Boy you sure are cavalier about other people’s ownership rights!”

JASRAC plans to meet Friday to discuss YouTube’s response.

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