YouTube Mobile Tuned For New Audiences

    March 20, 2009

"Leave no stone unturned" seems to have been added to Google’s list of unofficial mottos.  The search giant is now going after a very well-defined (and rather small) portion of people in a certain market with a new version of its mobile YouTube application.

Since iPhone and Android fans have already been taken care of, folks with Symbian/Nokia Series 60 phones or devices running Windows Mobile -and who enjoy watching video clips on tiny screens – are the target audience here.  A simple download is all it takes for them to get started with the fresh app.

Then, a post on the YouTube Blog promises, "In addition to providing YouTube on more phones than ever before, it’s also much faster – up to 90% faster starting up, searching, and video loading – and gives you better video quality that’s automatically optimised to your WiFi or 3G network."

The post also states, "More cool features and app improvements are on the way, and the app will alert you as updates become available and allow you to upgrade with a single click."

It looks like Google’s attempting to get every edge it can in the mobile market.  Interestingly, this falls in line with Sarah Lacy’s list of suggestions to keep the company in good shape.