YouTube Cofounder Discusses Site’s Future

    December 9, 2009

As big and popular as it is, YouTube could probably engage cruise control (in terms of feature releases, design updates, and so forth) and stay in front of the video-sharing competition for at least a couple of years.  Cofounder Chad Hurley was interviewed onstage at LeWeb ’09, and that isn’t at all what he has in mind, however.

YouTube Logo

Reducing the amount of time it takes to find something other than a song you don’t like or an annoying kid is one priority.  "What we’re very focused on right now is content discovery technology and how to make the finding great videos easier for users, based on their profile and past usage," said Hurley according to Robin Wauters.

Also, Hurley continued, "We’re pleased with the mobile content consumption side of the equation, but I’ll be the first to acknowledge that we need to work on making uploading through mobile devices far better."

As for what won’t get a lot of attention, it doesn’t look like live video is going to be a big focus.  Hurley spoke about it in uncertain terms, only allowing for the possibility of once-a-month live streaming events in the near future.  And social features won’t come flying out of the woodwork, either.

So look for a smarter and more accessible YouTube to evolve over time.  Just don’t count on seeing any completely new stuff popping up soon.

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