Your Marketing on Autopilot.

    July 29, 2003

In this article I would like to take a look at something that is crucial to your marketing success – the importance of Automation.

Modern technology has made our lives a lot easier. Just think what your life would be like without your car, stop lights, cell phone, answering machine, ATMs and your home thermostat. Each of these depends on some level of automation.

It is the same for Internet marketing as well. The real power of the Internet is that it allows you to do what it may have traditionally taken an entire office staff to accomplish. Just think for a minute about a mail-order company sending out mails the traditional way and an autoresponder that can serve thousands of emails at the same time with the click of a button!

If you are going to be a serious marketer on the Internet then you have to find the tools that would do the work for you and free up yourself from the repetitive tasks. Ask yourself the question: “This task that I am doing right now, is there a tool that would do this for me automatically?” Once you are willing to explore you will be surprised to see the things that are available that you may not have even thought about.

Once you have chosen a business then you find that you need to advertise. You then need to track these advertisement to see which ones are doing the best -tracking software would do this for you. Then you need to keep in contact with your prospects -an autoresponder or so called ‘mail robot’ would solve this problem. You need to manage your mailing list of email addresses -so a list manger …the list goes on.

Right away you see that you must have the tools of the trade so to speak. There are companies that would offer you each of these tools at a subscription fee and sometimes even free! (Although nothing is really free – most of these ‘free’ companies would insert their ads in your mailings for example.)

Instead of having different companies for these tools you can have them in one central place and a very good company to consider is Netmarkpro:

When I first started marketing on the Internet I went from one free classifieds ads site to another submitting my ads. This of course took a lot of time and energy even with ‘cutting’ and ‘pasting’. Then I bumped into a tool that would post my ads to thousands of free classifieds site automatically in minutes! You may want to get a FREE demo here:

So, you can make your life easier by using the tools that are out there and so leverage your efforts or continue doing it the hard way.

Just a note of warning. Remember that whatever tools you may have that people are still personal human beings. You still must speak to REAL people if your business would do really well. Can you do it without talking to anyone -yes. Would you be very successful? No!

It is really wonderful to call and hear a real human voice instead of a machine asking to select more numbers!

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