Yellow Pages Industry Trying To Adapt

Offline-to-online switch more important than ever

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2007 wasn’t at all easy, but 2008 could be the toughest year yet for the print Yellow Pages industry, according to a new report.  Companies may try unusual things to save money, and at the same time, are expected to increase their efforts to succeed online.

This may even result in oddities like online editions for markets in which publishers never previously worked.  "IYellow Pages Industry Trying To Adaptn some cases this will lead to new print directories, but more often we expect to see publishers establishing a sales presence . . . with no intention of launching a print book," wrote The Kelsey Group.

As for those budget-trimming measures, it seems possible that stacks of unwanted Yellow Pages will no longer greet us on the front walkway.  The Kelsey Group stated, "More publishers operating in large metro markets will proactively institute opt-out plans for consumers to reduce distribution to the ones who really want the print directory."

That last idea is almost too bad – my workplace desk and computer monitor would be uncomfortably low to the ground if it weren’t for the boost given by seven such books.  Still, as the economy gets worse and budgets grow tighter, we may have to find other things to use as doorstops and levelers.

Tameka Kee notes that, all in all, The Kelsey Group "is pegging the falloff in usage of newspapers and print Yellow Pages to reach 10% this year – much higher than the 2%-3% fade rate seen in past years."

Yellow Pages Industry Trying To Adapt
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  • Guest

    The yellow page salesman comes by and offers you $750 per month for next years ad. You say no and 3 days before the book closes you get a call offering the ad for 300/Month! This happens year after year in the Vancouver, Washington area and it is immoral.

    Yes, I used to spend $15,000 per month and we were in 7 on the south east florida coast. I want to write a book "death by yellow pages" because many innocent businessmen have been dealt a death neel by the yellow pages. Bill Gates says that yellow pages is going to be obsolete.

    No one has more charts of figures than a yellow page salesman,  but the important data is not there, like which size ad brings the highest return on investment. Ask the salesman if he can guarentee that no one else will buy your ad cheaper!

    In test after test we found that the dollar bill size ad got more phone calls per dollar than any other size and we had special phone numbers for every ad.

    Why don’t youi see more data on the internet about this. Do the phone companies sue those telling the truth? Sid Sutherland

    • Guest

      Actually you can get this type info from the salesman. It’s really common sense, what ad do you notice when you open the phone book and turn to your classification? 9 times out of 10, the biggest ad with the most color. That is why these type ads cost more. About four years ago there was a independent study done that showed a 12:1 return, every $1 dollar spent you should have $12 in return. But keep in mind your markets, you shouldn’t  spend $50,000 in a market of 8,000 people and expent $600,000 in return.

  • Guest

    To the "death by yellowpages" guy. Sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences. In general, most companies haven’t been around long if they are constantly burning bridges. There are good and bad salepeople. There are good and bad yellowpage companies. It’s called ethics. There are also good and bad customers that try to play the used car game. I’ve been involved in the yellowpage industry for 10 plus years and I can assure you that ethics is the x factor.  Its not the size of the ad that is important, but your placement and ad layout so you can get the best chance to get the customer. If you like, give me your e-mail. I’ll take a look at you program and ads and give your some good, honest advice. I good salesman whether its yellowpages or something else should be more interested in making your phone instead of fattening their pockets.

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