Yahoo Updates Desktop Search Utility

    July 13, 2005

While the desktop search craze (if there really was one) may have subsided some, that doesn’t mean developers are going to stop improving their product.

Yahoo Updates Desktop Search Utility

Such is the case with Yahoo, who released an update to their desktop search utility yesterday afternoon. Yahoo’s tool now searches more file types, including the newly added support for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Users of said client can now use Yahoo’s tool to search emails and attachments received in Thunderbird.

According to the Yahoo Search Blog, besides Thunderbird, Yahoo added the following support:

  1. Simplified UI and tabs: Your feedback was very helpful. Please keep your comments coming either on our message board or with our feedback form
  2. Reduced download size: Most of you just need to search emails, MS Office docs, PDFs and other common filetypes. So we’ve made the initial download much faster by splitting out support for the large number of less common filetypes into a separate expansion pack. You can download the free expansion pack at any time, or YDS will let you know when you’ve encountered a filetype that requires it.

    (NOTE: if you had version 1.0 or 1.1 of YDS, you will still need to install the expansion pack even though the older versions included all the filetype support. Sorry for the inconvenience this time, but we’ll find a way to make this unnecessary for future upgrades.)

If you are interested in downloading the newest version of Yahoo DTS tool, you can do so here.

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