Yahoo! 360 Team Start Blog

    April 20, 2005

The Yahoo! 360 team has a blog, hosted on Yahoo! 360 of course. Good move. I forsee more Y! team blogs.

However, I notice that the first entry is not signed by anyone. I hope they don’t keep posting anonymously.

Added by WPN Editor …

Blog Excerpt:

Welcome to the Yahoo! 360 Product Blog

Welcome to the Yahoo! 360 Product Blog. Here’s where we plan to update you on what’s new with Yahoo! 360. We’re going to aim to keep it informal — no marketing speak or soap box stuff — just a way for us to share what’s new, or some cool new way we or our customers have found to get more from the product. We plan to post regularly here. Sometimes we’ll have an important announcement — bug fixes, workarounds or new features.

Other times we’ll just want to share whatever happens to be top of mind for the team.

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