Yahoo Talks Turkey

    November 19, 2004

The Yahoo search blog team is already in Thanksgiving holiday spirits. In their most recent blog post they discuss how searches are spiking for Turducken, Tofurky and other bird related items.

Erik Gunther, the Yahoo! Buzz Index Editor, states:

“Search and the Internet have coupled to assist amateur cooks, and the humdrum holiday bird and the conventional method of roasted turkey preparation are being challenged.” For instance, “Searches on Turducken are up 281% over the last week.”

As a vegetarian who has already bought his tofu turkey, I found this interesting:

“Another trend we notice as Thanksgiving looms closer is an increase in searches on Tofurky. This vegan alternative to turkey probably won’t be sitting next to the mashed potatoes and gravy on traditional dinner tables. But as the vegetarian lifestyle continues to gain acceptance and cooks look for alternatives to a real bird, the humble soy loaf molded in the shape of a roast turkey always surges in searches.”

On the other side of the health spectrum Erik comments:

“However, when it comes of non-traditional turkey preparation, the real star in the kitchen is deep-fried turkey. Now, we see big spikes each November as people look for “Turkey Fryers,” “Deep Fried Turkey,” and “How to Deep Fry a Turkey.”

Some other popular turkey searches recommended by Erik:

*Brining a Turkey
*Smoked Turkey
*How to Carve a Turkey
*Turkey Marinade

and of course…

*Leftover Turkey Recipes

Erik neglected to mention my favorite turkey search …

*How to Kill a Wild Turkey

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