Yahoo Showing Tweets for News Results

    November 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

Yahoo Search is now including a new Twitter feature in search results for select topics that are in the news. For example, if you search for "health care reform," or "obama," you will get a section for news results, which contains tabs for news, photos, videos, and Twitter.

The results look something like this:

Twitter in Yahoo Search

This is perhaps the best integration of Twitter that exists in any of the three major search engines at this point. That will likely change, once Twitter’s deals with Google and Bing start to produce results, but Yahoo is providing an interesting way of incorporating tweets into search results, even if they only come up for select queries.

Of course, Yahoo Search will most likely be taken over by Bing results in the not-too-distant future. Recent reports suggest that Microsoft and Yahoo are getting pretty close to getting the deal done (still pending regulatory approval, which the companies remain optimistic about).

As Ben Parr at Mashable suggests, Yahoo’s inclusion of these tweets shows that Yahoo isn’t just sitting on its hands waiting for the Bing deal to go through. The company is in a variety of ways showing that it still does care about search. They recently launched a whole new version of Yahoo Search, let’s not forget.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is losing market share to both Google and Bing, according to the latest numbers. As long as that deal goes through, it will all be found market share for Bing either way.

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