Yahoo Shopping Partners With ScanAlert

    August 14, 2007

Yahoo Shopping’s comparison-shopping listings will now display ScanAlert’s Hacker Safe seal. Online shoppers will be able to make decisions about merchants based on more than pricing and ratings.

"Combining enhanced security information with price, user ratings, and merchant reviews helps online shoppers make more informed and trusted buying decisions," said Joe Lazarus, Director of Marketing for Yahoo! Shopping.

"With the Hacker Safe trustmark included in Yahoo! Shopping listings, consumers can easily identify retailers that have taken additional steps to safeguard customer data."

Industry research has shown that security is one of three factors consumers consider before making a purchase. Besides pricing and product availability, security concerns heavily influence online decisions from using a shopping engine to find products or directly going to a retailer’s site. For many shoppers trust is more important than pricing when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

"Our testing in the past two years has consistently shown that visitors react very positively to the Hacker Safe trustmark on our site," said Jay Greenberg, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Franklin Electronic Publishers.

"Now that we’re able to promote our certified security to consumers as they use shopping engines to find products, we’re looking forward to standing out more in the crowd, generating more shopping clicks, and delivering an even higher boost to our bottom line."