Yahoo Senior Director Joins SocialMedia

    January 28, 2008

With absolutely no offense intended towards SocialMedia Networks, we must say that this is a bit embarrassing for Yahoo; Richard Frankel, the search corporation’s senior director of product marketing, has become COO of the application company.

The first issue is that SocialMedia has (sort of) been successful where Yahoo repeatedly failed.  Yahoo 360, Yahoo Mash, Yahoo Kickstart – make some sort of poll comparing these to Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, and you won’t be able to classify them as anything other than unknowns.Yahoo Senior Directory Joins SocialMedia

The second issue – and again, no offense – is that SocialMedia is a bit silly.  The company is best known for the Facebook application FoodFight, which allows users to toss virtual versions of things like lobsters and poo.

Ah, well.  In a statement, Frankel said, "Over the years I’ve worked with both advertisers and publishers, and am eager to bring that experience to SocialMedia Networks.  Consumers have an explosive new interest in social content and applications, generating unprecedented depth of attention and focus.  In this medium SocialMedia Networks has a unique opportunity to create a new consumer engagement paradigm for advertisers."

Sounds like both Frankel and SocialMedia know what they’re doing, regardless of how odd the apps are.