Yahoo Search Assists With Satisfaction

    February 19, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The latest Keynote Customer Experience study on search engines showed Yahoo edging out Google for top marks in search assistance & suggestions.

Visitors to Yahoo who turn to the search box to find what they need have the added benefit of Search Assist. The technology suggests likely choices to auto-complete the search box as the searcher types.

The feature may be doing for Yahoo what its management has yet to achieve: inroads against Google and its search industry dominance. The Yahoo Search blog touted findings by The Keynote Benchmark, indicating Search Assist helped Yahoo edge Google in one study category.

Though it’s a small step in one category, it could mean more in the long run. Keynote put forth the suggestion that Google may not be invincible after all:

With nearly three times the market share of its nearest competitor, Google is seemingly invincible. But companies that overbearingly dominate their category, particularly when it