Yahoo Says Your Love Life Sucks

    January 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You. It’s National Break-Up Season according to Yahoo, and I can’t wait to see the Hallmark cards for this.

Does the prospect of spending serious cash for gourmet chocolates, an elegant meal, and a night at the theatre make you depressed because you’d rather dump your irritating significant other before Valentine’s Day arrives?

It turns out you aren’t alone, and Yahoo Research has your back. Tell that loser you’re dating to go find a taxidermist and get stuffed, because you will have plenty of company. Who knows, maybe one of them would make for a fun speed date.

“‘Find a new love’ is up there with ‘lose weight’ and ‘save more money’ as a New Year’s resolution,” said Anna Zornosa, vice president and general manager, Yahoo! Personals. “People tend to ‘put up’ with current relationships in order to have a partner for holiday gatherings, but once the festivities are over it’s time to decide whether to fish or cut bait.”

Once the pressure of end-of-year holidays have passed, people may have reassessed their relationships. In that reflective time, the prospect of a Valentine’s Day with one’s current friend with benefits just doesn’t make the heart flutter like it once did.

Yahoo said people on the East Coast were most likely to take a hard look at the relationship. Their survey found 47 percent of those who are unfulfilled or in a rut would whip out the magnifying glass. On the Left Coast, only 35 percent considered themselves ready to wonder if its time to go mountain biking alone.

If you’re ready to shatter the relationship, Yahoo is ready to help. Their breakup guide suggests a number of ways to get it done and move on with your life. Seriously, is that person really worth all that effort? I don’t think so.

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