Yahoo Drags Out Map Routes

    December 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If you don’t like the route Yahoo Maps suggests for a trip, a new feature allows you to drag and drop the route to take you a different way.

Search engines have been fascinated with maps, likely as an offshoot of their keener interest in local search and the potential for advertising profits. This benefits the typical Internet user, as competing search engines compete for attention.

Yahoo! Maps

Yahoo’s latest move presents users of its mapping service with the ability to drag and drop a route between two points. This lets the person choose to avoid a busy section of a trip, or make the trip a more scenic one.

More details emerged on the Yahoo Local & Maps blog:

Once you get your directions to your destination, if you don’t quite like what you see, you can pick up your route and drop it somewhere else, and we’ll drive you through the area you select in the most efficient manner.

If that’s still not quite right, you can tug on the route again until it’s perfect. Of course you can undo your thought-points whenever you like, or go back to your original route. We’ll even tell you the difference in mileage and estimated time between your personalized route and our fastest route.

Yahoo also made some tweaks to business searching on a map, by providing more information like reviews and photos within the business popups.