Yahoo Can’t Stem Tide Of Fleeing Execs

    October 29, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A pair of highly placed people in the Yahoo sales team have departed the Internet company for more placid waters at equally high-profile companies.

In recent weeks, Cammie Dunaway did away with her employment at Yahoo. She hinted that her next gig would give her “the opportunity to be the coolest Mom in the universe.”

That wasn’t understatement, as Yahoo’s former chief marketing officer now banks a check from Nintendo. Coolness indeed; we bet she has an easier time getting hold of a Wii than most people, and if she can bring home an early build of Super Smash Bros. Brawl before the February release, her kid will be the envy of the school.

Jacki Kelley became the former VP of sales strategy for Yahoo, as she opted to follow her old boss, Wenda Harris Millard, to the painstakingly decorated confines of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Kara Swisher posted a copy of Yahoo EVP Hilary Schneider’s email announcing Kelley’s departure.

Swisher suggested part of the reason for Kelley reuniting with Millard involved the continued need to travel from New York to California due to all of Yahoo’s reorganizations. Also, Kelley’s exit may be the harbinger of more to follow before the holidays.

Another departure received a passing mention in Swisher’s column: that of PR executive Joanna Stevens. She had been a regular fixture in big announcements from Yahoo.