Becoming an iEntry Writer

    February 23, 2009

About iEntry:

iEntry publications are mostly focused on current news, strategies and tips related to Internet business, Internet based marketing, search marketing, social media, tech gadgets and gaming. Some examples of iEntry’s sites, which you may write for, include,,, SecurityProNews and iEntry writers should review articles on these sites for examples of article styles and use of images and embedded video.

iEntry also publishes tutorial-based web design and programming sites, which utilize a how-to writing approach. Some of these sites are,, and


Writing Tips for iEntry Publications:

Focus articles on news as it breaks. This applies especially to news about new announcements from search and tech companies. Current news is a must.

Always link to sources within your articles by linking names or key words.

Keep articles short unless they deserve more words. Most articles should be in the 250 to 400 word range.


Do not fluff up articles to make them longer. Do not write them like college papers. Write them similar to the article styles in major Web publications like WebProNews, BusinessWeek and

Do not overly quote, especially when the quotes are excerpted from other publications. Too much quoting will be edited out.

Search Google News for the most original sources for an article topic. Often, a story that you find in an online news site was first a press release or blog post by the source company. Google uses both press releases and blog posts to announce new products, hirings and strategies. Link only to original sources of stories, not other publishers unless they are the original source.

Back up any opinions with links or quotes from other sources.

If you have the design skills, include an image, chart or other graphic that make the article more enlightening or interesting. Do not take images that belong to others, especially mainstream sources such as AP, Reuters, Getty, etc. Photoshop altered images that are found on the Internet from non-professional sources are usually acceptable.

Proofread and spell-check all articles before submitting them. We will edit all articles as we see fit.

All articles must have a title. The title will not be included as part of the word count.



Optionally, you may submit your unique article without payment from iEntry on the condition that iEntry includes one link to you and a short 25-word bio that you provide at the end of the article. The article must meet all of the above criteria.

Paid articles will include author credit, links and author bios at iEntry’s discretion. However, typically no links will be given when iEntry pays for the article.