Windows Live Messenger Offers VoIP

    May 9, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft will partner with Verizon to deliver PC to phone calling services as part of Live Messenger’s new features being made available in the public beta release.

Windows Live Messenger Offers VoIP
VoIP Debuting On MSN Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger will replace MSN Messenger, as yet another MSN-branded property is retired in favor of the Windows Live brand. With the new service, users will be able to call landline or cellphone numbers from their PCs.

Microsoft said users will be able to purchase minutes from Verizon for making those Windows Live Calls through Verizon’s Web Calling service. Five countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain, now have the service, with six more countries being added next week.

Also, Microsoft and a couple of hardware companies will offer cordless phones to use with Windows Live Messenger. Units from Uniden and Philips will be able to make those calls through the handset, and people will be able to make landline or Internet calls from it.

Other features focus on some of the familiar abilities in Messenger. The contact list can hold 600 contacts, which will be accessible through search with the “word wheel” feature. Contacts in Windows Live can be accessed across Messenger, Windows Live Mail, and MSN Spaces.

Users can share files by drag-and-drop to other users through the Messenger interface. A ‘Sharing Folders’ feature creates a folder shared by contacts where files can be added for use by others. And with a webcam and a microphone and speakers, they can hold video chats with others in full-screen mode with the new Messenger client.

One feature users should like lets them send an instant message to someone who is offline. When that person signs back on to Live Messenger, the message will be waiting for him.


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