Windows Live Gets MySpace Activity Updates

    September 14, 2009
    Chris Crum

Microsoft and MySpace announced that Windows Live will now begin broadcasting MySpace user activity streams to the Windows Live Platform via MySpaceID. What this means is that users of Windows Live, Windows Live Messenger, and Hotmail, who are also MySpace users, will be able to see their friends’:

– Status updates
– Blog Entries
– Photo uploads
– Music

MySpace Windows Live Intergration

MySpace’s Windows Live MySpaceID implementation is built upon the open standard. MySpace calls the announcement "an important step forward" in the company’s promotion of open standards.

"Utilizing an increasingly open Web enables our users to broadcast, discover, and express themselves in richer ways across multiple networks," says MySpace Group Architect Monica Ciberch.

To check out the MySpaceID integration, go here and sign into your Windows Live account, click "add web activities," choose MySpace from the options, add MySpace to your account, and then you can see your MySpace activities and share them with your Windows Live Network.

Standards for Activity Streams and more info about the api can be found here.