Windows Anytime Upgrade

    February 23, 2006

Windows Vista Buzz posts on Windows Anytime Upgrade, a program that will allow users who have purchased one version of Vista upgrade anytime to a more expensive and feature-filled version.

Users purchase upgrades from a website and run the upgrade from the install disk (meaning actually having the install disk is kinda important).

They ask:

Many OEMs are placing the installation information on a partition of the hard drive – will this practice cease with the release of Windows Vista? Will all OEMs provide this disc at the time of purchase or will a user be required to request the disc? Microsoft suggests they will provide a means for users to purchase a disc if they do not have one. Will this cut out the OEM?

They link to two pages on MS’s website, one about Anytime Upgrade, the other a FAQ for it, but I can’t get either to work. Anyone else having any luck?

Anyway, Anytime Upgrade is a great feature. I might want to eventually upgrade to, say, Vista Ultimate, but would never be stupid enough to pay for a full upgrade to increase versions. Even better, those who don’t have the cache and want to pay for Windows like they’re on a payment plan, can get Home Basic, later pick up Home Premium, and then shell out for Ultimate when they’ve saved a little more.

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