Will The iPhone Flop?

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CrunchGear blogger Seth Porges thinks the iPhone will bomb, and he makes a good case for it, even if it seems counterintuitive at first.

"Will Bomb" is the exact quote from the blog post title. At first read, we immediately think of the buzz and anticipation that’s been steadily growing since January, how we’ve all been wowed by the coolness.

Yahoo’s Buzz Log shows that searchers are really curious about the price of the thing, especially since Apple started advertising them on TV. Searches for "iphone price" are up 108%.

Disappointment in how expensive it is, coupled with the painful two-year commitment, is up 1000%.

So my initial thought is, the buzz enough to float it to a success, but the price of coolness will be a major deterrent.

But Porges delineates what else he thinks will go wrong on launch:

…when the iPhone comes, Digg will likely be full of horror stories from the poor saps who camped out at their local AT&T store, only to find their purchase was buggier than a camp cabin.

The bugs include cracked screens from back-pocketed carry, delayed texting, and short battery life.

But what was most interesting about the predictions, was a reminder about how rushed it all seems:

So they set the release date as June 29 — a Friday, and the last weekday of the month. This, coupled with the fact that Apple has never, in recent memory, released a product on a Friday, should make everybody say “Hmmmm,” and suggests they took a calculated risk of releasing a product that might be a little buggy (probably about as bad as the first run of screen-flickering, case-cracking, motherboard-busted MacBooks), rather than suffer the embarrassment of not keeping their word.

And then you think back to a couple of other instances. Apple CEO Steve Jobs pulled the curtain on the project, quite conveniently, a week before LG unveiled a quite similar Prada-branded phone. LG won an award for that phone and called Apple a copycat. They didn’t even wait until they had the trademark issue worked out with Cisco.

Remember the Engadget leak? Apple may want you to forget it, especially since the jury’s still out about whether they’ll be investigated by the feds. A reporter who believed his source as solid as could be, quoting an internal email that made the rounds at Apple HQ convincing enough to fool even Apple employees as to its authenticity, dropped Apple stock into the depths upon being reported.

That internal email said the iPhone would be delayed. After a loss of $4 billion in market cap, Apple swore the email was a fake.

We’ll all be keeping tabs to see if Porges’ Prognostication comes true.

Will The iPhone Flop?
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  • hater

    don’t be a hater, douche. I hope the iphone is the best thing ever just so you have to eat your words.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I’m really glad we enabled comments on our articles. It’s starting to pay off. At first, it was just a bunch of anonymous drive-by idiots with nothing to say but how they still live with their mothers and often fall asleep alone in a bowl of Cheetos with their hands down their pants (careful with that, it turns the daddy parts orange)…but lately the comments, like yours where you call me a douche and run away, have been just stunning — the kind that reinforce your faith in humanity and make you glad to be in contact with the 10th percentile.

      Not even sure why they pay me to write…all we’d have to do is turn on the comments section and geniuses just come out of the woodwork.

      Very Impressed,



      • Tosca

        Arrogance leading to personal attacks aren’t professional or even smart. Apple has its own corporate arrogance that will come back to bite them. I hope someone is listening.

        However, I wish the iPhone every success and I think its innovations will get us better phones in the future. I can’t wait to dump my phone for one. I just wish they were voice activated.

  • GeLaT

    You can bash the iphone all you want, call it over priced, over-fragile, and over hyped, lol but at the end of the day on the 29th, im going to have a blast playing with mine, thinking of all the reasons why your article is wrong. Of all of the computers i’ve ever owned, the only ones that have broken or had ANY problems were non windows machines. That fact combined with the amazing little gadget called the “iPod” makes me more than confident that the iphone will live up to everything i thought it would. Have fun not getting one, prick.

    • gelat

      *non macintosh

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