Will AOL Members Leave Goodmail?

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AOL will be implementing the Goodmail certified emailer system at the end of the month. This will create a new email tier guaranteeing that customers of Goodmail get their email delivered into the top of the inbox.

AOL touts this new partnership as helping their members stamp out spam. Of course this is a complete and utter falsehood. The Goodmail system actually will ensure that sponsor emails hit the top of the inbox. It doesn’t mean these advertisers are spamming but who else is going to pay but advertisers and corporations. Sure, the AOL member probably opted in at some point … but now at AOL the advertiser message is going to take priority.

The Goodmail system relies on a significant payment by emailers. No one but advertisers and large corporations will pay …. period! AOL has called statements such as this extreme and fanatical. But really, who is AOL helping here with this new for-pay priority email system? Let’s follow the money… An advertiser or corporation pays Goodmail. Goodmail does nothing but tell AOL that they are not spammers. AOL then takes 50% of the Goodmail cash every time this company sends an email to an AOL address. What does the subscriber get ? Nothing!

So in summary, Goodmail and AOL get lots of money and AOL’s subscribers get advertisements at the top of their inbox. Obviously, AOL is doing this deal for money… no other reason. Unfortunately, it may be penny smart and pound foolish because AOL subscribers have many other email options. And the first option that comes to mind … Gmail … sounds kind of like Goodmail … but is completely different … it’s free!

Will AOL Members Leave Goodmail?
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