Why Dont Googles RSS Ads Support WordPress?

    May 23, 2005

Recently, Google has been expanding its beta of AdSense for RSS feeds. Problem is, it only supports Google’s own Blogger and Typepad, at least at the moment.

Now, with Blogger hemorrhaging users, and the fact that MSN Spaces announced last week that it has now overtaken Blogger as the number one hosted blogging service, you’d think Google would just design their RSS feeds to work in RSS, not for specific software.

Even though Google somewhat wants to promote Blogger, the lure of more AdSense ads (and thus more money) should have proven too hard to resist. Besides, they built a custom version for Jason Calacanis

In the meantime, the maker of WordPress, the very popular software that powers this blog, is unhappy. Of course, he was caught gaming Google mere weeks ago, so maybe he’s the wrong person to be telling them what to do.

Now’s as good a time as any to note that I recently updated this blog to WordPress 1.5. This should fix the comment registering bug people have been having. Thanks to Noam for inspiring me to do so.

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