Wheres Microsoft on Podcasting?

    December 22, 2005

Paul Colligan asks what Microsoft has done about podcasting.

Hmm, Paul, can you please go to http://channel9.msdn.com and click on the “Media” link. What do you see? Podcasting. Videos. Etc.

Since you brought up Wikis, you do notice that we have Wikis too, right?

But, here’s the deal. There are tons of companies that are building podcasting tools and services on top of Windows. I’m playing with DopplerRadio’s podcasting tool on my new super-cool phone (sold two more this morning just by showing it off).

Why does Microsoft need to put its partners out of business by doing its own podcasting tools? Why shouldn’t Microsoft leave some real business opportunities around for independent software vendors?

Hey, can you tell the guys at iPodderX again that you don’t think they should exist and that you think Microsoft should have their business?

Isn’t that the kind of behavior that got Microsoft called “the borg” and “evil” in the first place?

Update: I’m getting emails from across Microsoft about podcasting initiatives underway. I love my blog’s readers. They are so connected. So, Paul, just hang out a little and you’ll see more.

Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as PodTech.net’s Vice President of Media Development.

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