What’s Cooking With Yahoo?

    November 3, 2006

Yahoo has launched a new site dedicated solely to food. They have partnered with several online well-established sites to offer recipes, tips and everything else related to food.

Some of the major sites they have partnered with are Allrecipes.com, Food & Wine and Reader’s Digest. No website about food would be complete without the ever popular celebrity chefs.

You will not find Anthony Bourdain on here, but what they do have is Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and Wolf Gang Puck to name a few.

Yahoo Food will also feature respected bloggers. Donatella Arpaia, “Donatella’s Dish”; Serious Eats’ Ed Levine, “Ed Levine Eats”; and Frank Stitt, “Southern Table, along with a number of others.

The site will also contain video content and plans are in the works to develop an online video show called “Cheap and Easy” featuring future celebrity chef Brooke Peterson.

The site itself is relatively easy to navigate. One disappointment was when I typed in a search for a recipe for Kentucky Hot Brown. It led me to a web search. The question is why would I go to this site when it directs me to the web for a recipe they should all ready have?

Granted the site is pretty and all. They do rank recipes and local dining spots with reviews, which can be helpful. The problem with that is there exist plenty of other food sites that do similar things. In fact they may even do them better.

Why Yahoo has decided to unveil this site now is rather odd? Maybe they are hoping with the holidays around the corner people will be checking in with Martha Stewart to find out exactly how to cook the perfect turkey or any other dish.

With cooking and celebrity chefs being widely popular there is little doubt Yahoo Food will get noticed. Just how much fat is in the frying pan will be the real question.


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