What Type of Home Business Owner Are You?

    July 26, 2004

Are you the type of home business owner that works your business like it is a fortune 500 company? Or, are you one of those home business owners that do next to nothing other than hope you will be successful?

There are plenty of both of these types of home business owners on the net today. They are really easy to spot as well. Let’s examine each of these two types of home business owners to find out which category you fall into.

The Successful Home Business Owner

The successful home business owner treats his/her business like a real business. Whether they are running their business out of their basement or from a laptop computer on the beach, they are hands on in every facet of their business. The successful home business owner will have a budget and business plan complete with cash flow projections. They will set goals for their business. They won’t waste time on things that don’t work for them.

The successful home business owner will undoubtedly work long hours, and study other successful business owners in hopes of emulating that same success. These people are go-getters’ and dreamers. Successful home business owners plan every action they take and have a healthy attitude towards being successful and making money.

Another trait of successful home business owners is that they will surround themselves with similar types of people. They will network with other’s that are in a similar situation as themselves. For the most part these successful business owners are all to happy to help other people out with their home business.

The above attributes of successful home business owners should be emulated if hope to successful with your home business. Now let’s look at the home business owner that hopes to become successful.

The Hopeful Home Business Owner

The hopeful home business owner is the person that starts a home business in hopes of being successful. More times than not they will treat their home business as a side project or hobby. They very rarely will do any research on their own, they don’t seek out new ways of doing business. Most of these people will not attempt to network with other home business owners, but instead keep doing what they have been doing hoping that the results will change.

The hopeful home business owner will spend more time thinking about ways to become successful, then actually taking action. Goals, business plans, and budgets mean nothing to these types of home business owners.

IF in fact, you are one of these home business owners and you are only in it to make a little extra money, then that is fine, but if you want to become financially successful then you must either change your way of thinking or try something else.

The one thing that both these types of home business owners have in common is that old saying If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. You can obviously tell how that saying relates to both categories of home business owners. Good luck!

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