Website Offers Moola For Gamers

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Let me get this straight, I asked an imaginary spokesperson, you give me a penny to start, I play your game, and if I win it’s doubled. If I win 30 times straight, you give me over $10 million. Yes, said iSpokesperson, but if you lose along the way, you lose everything.

Moola.com, still in private beta, promises an ad-supported experience that draws on our love of Las Vegas, game shows, and video games, without any investment (or ante) on the users’ part.

Visitors are pitted against one another, each given a penny in their account. They play a Flash game, winner take all. Okay, so now the winner has 2 cents. But as the Moola-meter (it may have an official name) shows, 10 straight wins earns the player $10.24; 20 wins, $10, 485.76; and 30 wins, $10,737, 418.24. Who knew math could be this fun?

The cowardly types (or, if you insist, the smart ones) can cash out at any time, say, if they’re not willing to risk the $5 million they’ve already won at 29 wins and have a check for their winnings sent to them.

The games are sponsored by advertisers, a model that not only provides the cash to the players, but also provides the short video advertisements before each game. They also have a tiered referral system that allow players to get bonuses on their winnings.

If it sounds like a scam, well, the jury hasn’t chimed in yet. But Michael Arrington says it’s legit, with a few reservations.

” I tried playing a few games and it seemed legitimate. I can’t tell if I was playing against a computer or not, though. Moola always found a rival to play against me within seconds, and the games are very simple and could be easily played by a computer. Given how easy it would be for Moola to beat successful players by automated means, I would assume that the risk of fraud is significant.”

However, Mr. Moola, CEO Jason White, blogs that any type of automated defeat system would ensure the defeat of the website as well:

“The more money won by you, the more credibility we gain in your eyes. As larger sums are won, players like you talk about Moola more frequently, and new players sign up in larger numbers. This, in turn, attracts more advertisers, whose dollars can be distributed as prize money, in turn attracting more players and so on In other words, we believe doing something intentionally to interfere in the player’s ability to win more money, is essentially in direct conflict with the natural harmony of the business model, and would serve to undermine the long term success of the business, rather than help it in any meaningful way”

Those interested in testing out the private beta can sign up at the website for an invitation. If you get addicted, there will probably be an Online Gamers’ Anonymous formed any moment. Oh wait, there is one.


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Website Offers Moola For Gamers
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  • April

    Been playing since january and its definetly a legit site. My husband has cashed out over 50.00 on there in the past 4 months. I’m still working on building a nicer account. :)
    The moola team is great, quick to fix any issues that might come up, and always there to answer any questions.
    I highly recommend this site to all out there. :)

  • Nick

    I play Moola and have been for the past year. I’ve received numerous checks from them and I am currently at around $280. This site is proven legitimate to me.

  • Moola player

    I have signed up for one of their ‘boostrs’ which basically means I paid 20 real dollars, and they promised me 80 dollars in return for doing so… well by the timeframe set by moola, I should get the cash within a week :D

    Sure I might have been scammed, but if so I deserve it, otherwise I made 60 dollars in just 1 hour :)

    Btw, if anyone requires an invite to play on that site, simply follow this link ;)


    • G

      Here are invites for people that want to join:


  • http://www.moola.com:80/moopubs/b2b/exc/join.jsp?sid=4d544d744d7a67784d6a4d3d-2 Dillon

    Need an invite? Get one from me.


  • winner

    If you want an invite to this amazing link, follow this link! http://www.moola.com:80/moopubs/b2b/exc/join.jsp?sid=4d5449744e5445794e6a513d-2

  • mile23

    This is a great site. I already have $20!

    If you would like an invite, follow this link:


    Thanks and enjoy!

  • Jonathan Forsythe


  • Mad Moola Victim

    All these claims of "received checks" seem to be a fluke in and of themselves.

    After playing for a significant time it is clear that it is a scam. Moola.com is making millions off of advertising while they clearly have bots playing that change cards based on your winnings or, in the case of Gold Rush, the game is set to know your play and play to win.

    Their random seed is not random and is weighted to make you lose.

    I am working on proof right now by logging all games of Hi-Lo that I play. So far I have found that the game will intentionally deal you a losing hand (by giving your opponent (typically a bot even though they claim bots do not have "real names" but rather are only "anonymous") a straight win or better hand).

    As an example, the system will intentionally deal you an ace. If you select "lower" the system will miraculously deal you another ace. If you choose higher the system will deal you an ace.

    I think it’s definitely time for the legal system to get involved. I have already started working on a case against them by gathering names and addresses of other players that see this scam for what it is.

    • Pig

           Look, whether  you think its a scam or not, you dont lose any real money playing it unless you  do one of the booster things and you dont get your money, which i have heard no account of so far.  The site is fairly new and of course its going to be difficult to win at the games, otherwise they’d be losing lots of money. The games are meant to be games of chance so you win and lose some. Yes, its difficult to make alot of money, but isn’t that the point?  Casinos are even worse with weighing the chances against you, and you are risking your own money!  Even if you dont win any of the games, they are still fun to play sometimes.  The website doesn’t say " We guarantee you’ll win 10 million dollars in a week!"  You can toggle automatic players on and off if you want to, so you can play against real people. Even if accounts of making alot of money are rare, its free money! Just because you dont make anything and arent  lucky doesnt mean that its the site’s fault. At least you have the chance to make money from playing games. 

    • fulani greer

      hello, my name is fulani greer. i joined moola in january 2008. and my son najeeb joined four month after. i got kicked off because they claimed i have multiple accounts and i had suspicous behavior and me and my son have seperate accounts but we use the same computer. i made 80.00 and my son made 30.00. please email me at fulanifateen123@gmail.com. thank you and have a nice day

  • kingkoopa

    Moola IS a scam!!!!! Not just by their bots (which they openly admit!),but how they don’t feel like paying the winners.

    I cashed out for $10 and I got e-mails from them stating that my account was audited and everything checked out fine and I should have my check in hand shortly. Two weeks after that,I get another e-mail from them stating that my check was undeliverable. I then asked how can that be? It is my real address and I’ve had no problems receiving prizes from other game sites when I cashed in. As I’m sitting here right now,a MONTH AND A HALF LATER,I STILL HAVE NO CHECK!!!!!!!!!!

    Watching all of those hundreds of ads for nothing was a complete waste of time for me.

    If you support Moola,fine,have fun viewing ads for basically chump change that will somehow manage to get to you…..



  • Guest

    Very strange all the others say this moola site is a scam..(not suprise me at all..they all are scams).But those two latest answers are from the same day,minute..and probably same person.

  • Guest

    I found Moola just a couple of days ago. When I did I was really excited. I thought hey maybe this could work. I invited a bunch a friends to play. One was over at my house and we were hanging out. This is a friend that is NOT in my network. We were playing the game gold Rush and it just so happens we were playing the SAME opponent at the SAME time! Now that strange I thought. Then it him me. Its Rigged!  This is just a bunch of crap. and if theyre giving any money away its just a few bones,  they give you like 3 wins in a row. They say six million given away but I bet most of the winners are their Bots! You may make 10 or so bucks if you hort your money and are on for a few weeks 24/7. But Im pretty convinced its just another crap trap from that insident.

    • Guest

      it probably said anonamous….. you can have your name not show up. The site is totally legit my friend just got his $50 check a week ago!!!

  • Guest

    MOOLA IS A SCAM, trust me, don’t waste your time, the people behind moola are crooks and cheats.

    At first I didn’t trust all the bad things people said about this scam website, but after I managed to get $26, moola refused to pay me, they even accused me of having more than one account, which I honestly don’t.

    And then they asked for my photo ID but not just regular photo ID but something like a driver license for "verification purposes", oh yeah, like I’m gonna fall for that, not a f*ck chance I’m gonna give my important infos to these shits.

    In the end, I only lost my time,nothing more and you don’t have to.


  • Jessica

     I don’t know if they have bots or not, but my friend and I played each other (while in the same room) when we were on the same level.

  • Guest

    When i first joined somehow i was winning every game i played,Then i decided to find some tips from other websites and i logged off then came back and logged in and lost over and over no matter how long i played the level 1 “beginners(bots)” would beat me it seemed to me like there was no other way they could do that unless they where cheating and could see my cards so i did some research and found they had patched most ways of cheating.That is when i figured out they where bots,So i bet on sports for a while till i had 13 dollars and cashed out i received an email saying that it went threw.1 month later no check so i sent them an email asking why i had not received my check.They sent me another email saying that my suspicious activities led them to believe i was using multiple accounts and bot (i was not).I post this in the forum an hour later it magically deletes itself.I was pissed so i sent them another email explaining my situation,They send me an email saying that it will be sent…several weeks later NO CHECK!I go to my account it wont let me log in so i check my email and i have been banned for using a bot.

  • kitty rosander

    i think moola is a great site. ok, sometimes i got mad when i lose, but so what !? its definitly no scam. its a great NEW idea , for great new times. good for the future. everyone can take chans a on moola.
    everyone, even if you dont own a singel cent.
    me like moola………….me like moola

  • dominator194

    I stumbled upon this thread by accident while searching for moola updates and saw a couple posts claiming Moola is a scam or not worth it so I couldn’t help but to argue otherwise.

    Moola isn’t a scam because many players have gotten their checks, some players have earned over $100 in one day, and there are so many moderators devoting their time to making the Moola forums better. If moola is a scam then why would so many moderators spend so much of their time trying to improve the community?

    If you look up “Received Moola check” on google or enter a similar search string, you’ll see that there are MANY people who have gotten their checks. Some checks with values over $100. Now, if you join moola and look in the trophy room section of the forums and click on a thread titled, “Show your Moola checks” You’ll see that EVERY player or at least 90% of Moola players have gotten their checks.

    Not only have players received their payments, they earned their cash pretty quickly. The average long term Moola player earns at least $10 a day within an average of 5 hours. If you look at what players have posted on the Moola forums, you’ll see that the statistics I’m presenting are true. The top player currently has over $8,500 and one player has been known to cash out $1,000 multiple times for a total of nearly $20,000. Once again, if you don’t believe me, join Moola and look in the forums. These are from players who have been established Moola members. They weren’t there for a few days. They have been there long.

    Last but not least, there are so many Moola forum Moderators who are always trying to find a way to make Moola a better place and if Moola was a scam why would they help new players so much? If you don’t believe me, join Moola and see for yourself, the community is great, and one should join not only to make money but to socialize.

    Oh, one more thing, Moola isn’t a get rich scheme, it’s not all about making money. It’s about fun, so just join and enjoy yourself. Why spend another hour thinking” Is Moola a scam?”

    When you think of the word, “Scam” you think of something dark, manipulative and bad, sometimes deceiving. If you take a close look at the Moola community, you’ll see nothing deceptive or dark. Only good.

    My moola name is dominator194 and my referral link is here: http://www.moola.com:80/moopubs/b2b/exc/join.jsp?sid=4d544d744f446b324d6a593d-2

    If you found this helpful, feel free to post your thanks in the Moola forum. See you there.

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